A Throwback Story about the Aido Cosmetics Lip Shiner

This post is not really a product review. It is more of me telling a story about the Aido Cosmetics Lip Shiner in Strawberry. I am just so happy that I was able to see this product again after several years of not buying and using it.

aido lip shiner

When I was looking at the product counter of FS Cosmetics, I saw some Aido Cosmetics products as well. There, I saw the Aido Cosmetics Lip Shiner in Strawberry and school-life memories began coming back like it was just yesterday.

The Aido Cosmetics Lip Shiner in Strawberry was actually my very first makeup purchase with my own money. That was when I was in my late elementary years. I just really wanted to have something to show off in school because my classmates tend to act like they are already in their teenage years having their face powder and lip glosses ready in their makeup kits. It was an exclusive school for girls, by the way.

aido lip shiner2

I bought my first gloss alone when I had the chance to stroll around the mall by myself. I was looking for a cool-looking pink lip gloss that I could use. The most important thing should be its affordability. I cannot buy anything expensive. It was priced at only Php50 so it can suffice my minor vanity at that time. I don’t want my parents to know that I will be using this at school. Oh, I know… It is just so hard to explain to them. Letting them know would just make them say that I should study hard and should not focus on beauty stuff.

This has been my friend until, I think, I was in my second year in high school. Don’t ask me why. I just stopped. Makeup was not my thing that time, anyway.

aido lip shiner3

Now that I have the capacity to buy any beauty items that I like (given a budget constraint, of course), I immediately included this item in my shopping basket the moment I saw this gloss.

*Loving that reunited feeling… Haha!*

The Aido Cosmetics Lip Shiner in Strawberry is a roll-on clear gloss. Yes, CLEAR. No color at all. But the thing is, if you use this gloss, it can make your lips look like it does have color. Maybe because of its moisturizing properties… However, too much of the product can make your lips too oily-looking. Just make sure that you don’t roll this over your lips for several times.

aido lip shiner4

Currently, this is still priced at only Php50. Cool, isn’t it? After all this time, it has always been that same product that I used to love. 😀

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