The Pink Blush has officially turned TWO!!!

Hooray!!! My blog is celebrating its second birthday! Yey!!! 😀


image source

This blog has contributed a significant part in making myself complete. It has given me the chance to give time for myself and to enjoy what I love doing. Aside from that, I love getting so much support and appreciation from those who read my posts. I know that I still have a long way to go. But knowing that people keep on visiting my blog, it makes me pursue doing quality posts for all of you. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say “Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!!! ❤ ”

Love you all,

Ana 😉

New Year, New Look!

Happy New Year!!! 😀

Time flies so fast. It is already 2015! Since it is a new year, people are into something new. New resolutions to commit on, new goals to achieve, new adventures to try…

As for me, I decided to say goodbye to my old hairstyle and go for a new look. I had my hair done at Bench Fix Salon in Glorietta, Makati. 😀

So, my hair went from this…

new year new look

to this! 😀

new year new look2


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A Tribute to My Olympus Tough TG-620 iHS Digital Compact Camera

This is a devastating moment in my blogging life. My super duper ever-reliable Olympus Tough TG-620 iHS Digital Compact Camera broke down. Up to now, I cannot figure out what happened. It just stopped functioning. During my dad’s 65th birthday celebration, all is well when it suddenly died and it cannot switch in both camera and video modes. I was able to retrieve the stored pictures in its memory card but, unfortunately, I cannot use it anymore.

olympus tough tg-620 digital camera

The first thing that came into my mind? This blog. My camera served as its other half. Since Day One of this incredible writing hobby up to last week, I have considered my camera as the life of this blog. I won’t be able to establish myself as a beauty blogger if not for my Olympus.

olympus tough tg-620 digital camera2

My husband told me that he would try to have it repaired. For now, I will just use my mom’s camcorder. Apparently, it does not give out the same quality of photos as my Olympus Tough TG-620 iHS Digital Compact Camera. Well, maybe I still have to figure out how to work with it. I can’t say if I will be able to buy a new one since it is going to be a big expense. Oh my! 😦

olympus tough tg-620 digital camera3

Aside from the great quality of photos that this camera can produce, I also find this easy to use for my selfies. My mom’s camcorder is too heavy to raise up with just one hand. Well, I’m thinking of working with a tripod and a remote for easy focus. Arrrggghhh!!!!! Hassle!

olympus tough tg-620 digital camera4

For my readers, don’t worry. I won’t stop blogging. This will not be a hindrance for me to write. Although, it will be challenging for me to work again with another type of camera since I am not used to it. I’m still trying to figure things out. Please bear with me if my photos will look annoying on my succeeding posts.

*Goodbye for now, Olympus Tough TG-620! I don’t know if we can still be together again. You have contributed a lot in my blogging journey. Surely, you will forever be missed. 😦 *

OOTD: Blues and Pearls + FOTD

My father turned 65 last November 21 which also marked his retirement from government service. My brothers and I, along with our respective love partners, planned a surprise party for him. It was just an intimate event that includes the whole family, our relatives and some close friends of my dad. Although a simple get-together, it was such a great accomplishment for us because it was our first time to plan something like this.

Here are some of our event photos. 😀





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A Throwback Story about the Aido Cosmetics Lip Shiner

This post is not really a product review. It is more of me telling a story about the Aido Cosmetics Lip Shiner in Strawberry. I am just so happy that I was able to see this product again after several years of not buying and using it.

aido lip shiner

When I was looking at the product counter of FS Cosmetics, I saw some Aido Cosmetics products as well. There, I saw the Aido Cosmetics Lip Shiner in Strawberry and school-life memories began coming back like it was just yesterday.

The Aido Cosmetics Lip Shiner in Strawberry was actually my very first makeup purchase with my own money. That was when I was in my late elementary years. I just really wanted to have something to show off in school because my classmates tend to act like they are already in their teenage years having their face powder and lip glosses ready in their makeup kits. It was an exclusive school for girls, by the way.

aido lip shiner2

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It’s My Blog’s First Birthday!

Time flies really fast! It seems like it was just a few days ago when I have published my first post in this blog. But now, this 175th post marks my first anniversary as a beauty blogger. Wow! *clap clap* 😀


 image source

I have never thought that I would be able to maintain this blog for this long. When I was just starting, I thought that I might not have so much to write about. I thought I would not have a lot to share as compared to other famous beauty bloggers. I just started this out to serve as my personal space in this big online world and to voice out my self-discoveries in my newly found interest.

Newly found? Yup! My first post serves as the official start of my blog’s tagline: a journey towards unravelling the world of makeup and fashion. Blogging has made me realize that this is not just about material gain. This has also opened me up to meet new friends along the way and to get access to fun moments that I never thought I would be able to experience.

I know there are still a lot of things that I have yet to find out in this journey. But for now, I am just so happy with what I have achieved! 😀

A Hello Kitty Kiddie Party + FOTD & OOTD

We celebrated my second daughter’s first birthday last April 12. We had a Hello Kitty themed birthday party for her. It was such a happy and joyful day for everyone! 😀 Not only the kids enjoyed the party but even the adults had a great time. 🙂

Here are some of our pictures during the event. 😀









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