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Get Into the “Drinking Water” Habit

I love water. It is the first thing that I look for whenever I am thirsty. I know that, for some people, they prefer drinking soda or iced tea. Well, not for me. I feel uncomfortable if I cannot easily get a glass of water at anytime of the day. That is how much I need it.

I did some research on how much water we really need in a day. There are some who suggest that we have to drink eight glasses of water daily. There are some who say that we need more and some even less. Quite confusing, I know.


 (picture taken from the Pouted website)

What can water actually do for you? Here are the some of the reasons that I got from the Dr. Catherine Price Acupuncture website:

  • makes your skin youthful and hydrated
  • a natural stress reliever
  • helps burn fat (for losing weight) and builds healthy muscle (due to oxygen)
  • boosts mood and brain power
  • lubricates joints and cartilages for healthy joint movement
  • regulates body temperature
  • helps to protect body organs and tissues
  • carries nutrients and oxygen inside the body
  • helps the body heal faster when sick and when undergoing treatments

… and so much more… 😀


(picture taken from the beauty.about.com website)

So, how much water can I drink in one day? I can actually go beyond eight glasses. That is not even forcing myself to go beyond the said number. It is just natural for me. Some friends of mine were so shocked when I told them that I drink lots of water. They cannot even imagine drinking that much. Well, maybe because I seldom drink other beverages. Though, of course, I replace my one glass of water if I intend to drink a bottle of fruit juice (or other beverages for that instance).

If you feel like you cannot do it but you are decided to start drinking eight glasses of water daily from now on, this is how I suggest you can start achieving that:

  1. Drink a glass of water upon waking up in the morning. (That’s one.)
  2. Drink half of the glass before eating your breakfast.
  3. Drink the other half after eating your breakfast. (That’s two.)
  4. Drink water before going to your workplace (or to school). (That’s three.)
  5. Drink water when you get to your workplace (or to school). (That’s four.)
  6. Drink half of the glass before eating your lunch.
  7. Drink the other half after eating your lunch. (That’s five.)
  8. Drink water after two or three hours along with a snack, if you wish. (That’s six.)
  9. Drink water when you get home. (That’s seven.)
  10. Drink half of the glass before eating your dinner.
  11. Drink the other half after eating your dinner. (That’s eight.)

Feasible, right? 😀 If you still think that you cannot do it, try it in lesser quantities. You can use a cup instead of the glass. Also, get rid of the soda and the iced tea. Seriously, you cannot get the eight glasses of water at the start if you are having your intake of other beverages.

There you go! 😀 Let us all get into the “drinking water” habit! 😉