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Review: Fashion 21 Cosmetics Single Blush-On

For today, I will be reviewing the gifts that I got from Fashion 21 Cosmetics. These are the Fashion 21 Cosmetics Single Blush-On in M01 and M02.

fashion 21 cosmetics single blush-on

Both of the products have a matte finish. M01 has a coral shade which is perfect to use as blush while M02 can be used as contour powder.

fashion 21 cosmetics single blush-on in m01

fashion 21 cosmetics single blush-on in m01a

fashion 21 cosmetics single blush-on in m02

fashion 21 cosmetics single blush-on in m02a

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BDJ Box Bruno Mars Challenge Day #5

Do you remember this post? For me, it is a very special post because it is my first ever makeup review here in my blog. It is for the Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek in Shell Pink Cream. If you get to visit that post, you will notice in the end part that I added a video link of Ms. Barbi Chan talking about how to apply blush properly. It is the first ever makeup video tutorial that I got hooked into when I started my interest in makeup and, definitely, my favorite editorial feature in the BDJ Box website (which would answer the BDJ Box’s Bruno Mars Challenge Day # 5). It is through this tutorial that I was able to learn how to apply blushes without looking like a clown. Haha! 😛


(picture taken from the BDJ Box Facebook page)

For a recap, here is Ms. Barbi Chan’s makeup video tutorial about the different types of blushes and how to apply them properly.

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