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Review: Pixy Products Part 2 (Ultimate Makeup Cake, Waterproof Mascara, Silky Fit Lipstick Semi Matte)

This post is a continuation of the makeup review series for the Pixy items that I got from my April BDJ Box: Beauty Blossoms. Here is the link for the first part of my reviews. For the second part of my Pixy reviews, I will be featuring the following products:

  • Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in White Porcelain
  • Pixy Waterproof Mascara in Black
  • Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick Semi Matte in Red Chili Semi Matte

pixy review part 2

First off, the review for the Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in White Porcelain

pixy ultimate makeup cake

(front and back)

pixy ultimate makeup cake2

I initially got attracted to this product because of the packaging. I know it just looks simple but it also looks really chic and super classy. It seems like it is from a high-end brand. 😉


pixy ultimate makeup cake3

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

pixy ultimate makeup cake product description

I like that this powder has SPF20 and PA++. Considering the hot weather that we currently have, it is important to use products that can protect our skin from the sun. Also, this powder smells good! 😀

In my case, I did not get the eight hours of perfect makeup because after four hours, I already get oily. Though, I just need to blot the oil off my face and my makeup looks perfect again. 😀

I also like that this powder does not get powdery at all (if you get what I mean… Haha! 😛 ). Even if you swirl your powder brush several times on the powder pan, you won’t get particles falling off from the compact.

pixy ultimate makeup cake4

pixy ultimate makeup cake5

I super like this powder because it can give a really smooth and nice finish to your makeup. Somewhat close to poreless perfection… 😉 It can be used alone or as a finishing powder. It can give a light to medium coverage. It can blur out skin imperfections but not totally cover them up. In that case, you might still need the help of a concealer or a liquid foundation.

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