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Review: Pixy UV Whitening Compact Powder Coverlast

As a mom, there are times when rushing in the morning becomes so inevitable. This is because upon waking up, my kids spend some bonding time with me before they eat their breakfast. Sometimes, I lose track of the time that I have to rush preparing myself to go to work. I normally do a complete makeup routine but given that I have less time in my hands, I have to eliminate most of the steps. Apart from that, my adorable little daughters go over my makeup stash creating a beautiful mess when I am doing my makeup. Haha! Oh, the wonders of being a mom… 😀

This is why I got so lucky to discover a product that is suited for this kind of situation. It is a powder that gives full coverage, covers skin imperfections and provides a flawless finish the same way a foundation, concealer and setting powder would do. In addition to that, it takes lesser time to apply. It is the Pixy UV Whitening Compact Powder Coverlast in Natural. I got this from my January-February 2015 BDJ Box: Kawaii Must-Haves. 😉

pixy uv whitening compact powder coverlast

pixy uv whitening compact powder coverlast2

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

pixy uv whitening compact powder coverlast product description

(front and back)

pixy uv whitening compact powder coverlast3


pixy uv whitening compact powder coverlast4

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BDJ Box: Unboxing My January-February 2015 BDJ Box: Kawaii Must-Haves

The January-February BDJ Box is definitely a must-have since all the products inside are meant to give you your best kawaii look! 😉 Once again, we get to have a big box and it is filled with eight full-sized items!!! Super great, right? 😀

january-february 2015 bdj box

This month’s box features products from Bifesta, Lucido-L, Pixy and Sunkiller. Look at those items… Cuteness overload!!! 😀

january-february 2015 bdj box2

Aside from that, my box came with a cute, sweet note from the BDJ Box team. Awww… Thank you so much! *big hug* 😀

january-february 2015 bdj box3

Here are all the items inside the box.

january-february 2015 bdj box4

My January-February 2015 BDJ Box: Kawaii Must-Haves items along with their corresponding retail prices:

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Q & A: Affordable Powder Recommendations

Q & A for today!!! I will be answering an inquiry that was sent to me by Nins.

Hi! I was scrolling through your blog when I noticed that you’ve pretty much tried all of the powder foundations I’ve been wanting to try! It’s a shame they’re not as popular as their liquid counterparts. 😦

So my big sister recently gave me her old Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact Bright Fit and I.LOVE.IT. The only problem is that I’m running out of it and as much as I adore it, right now I just can’t bear to shell out 800+ for makeup. Which is why I have to ask, is there a sort of ‘dupe’ for this product that isn’t quite as expensive, but provides the same, silky, natural-looking finish? I’ve been looking at products from ZA, FS, and Avon but I just can’t decide. 😦 I need your help!

Anyway, I’m really happy I found your blog! I really like reading reviews of products I’ve been comparing from just one blogger because at least your preferences are the same across all the products you’ve tried.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi, Nins! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! 😀

I also like the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact Bright Fit. However, considering that this can be a bit pricey, I could recommend other products that can give you the same nice effect on your skin. These are all below Php400 and I assure you that they are all worth trying. 😉

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Haircare, Skincare and Makeup Purchases: Pantene, Pure Beauty, Bifesta, Deoproce and Beauty Buffet Products

Yey! 😀 I finally have another purchases post to share with you. Here are my recent finds! 😀

pantene, pure beauty, bifesta, deoproce and beauty buffet products purchase

For Pantene, I bought some items from their newest haircare line: the Aqua Pure Shampoo and Conditioner.

pantene products purchase

I already ran out of my Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence Serum and I am about to finish my sample of the Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream. I am hesitating to buy these products because they are too pricey so I tried searching for other brands that carry serums and eye creams. I was about to give up looking when I spotted Pure Beauty in Watsons in SM Makati. They have affordable skincare products. With that, I got their Pomegranate Antioxidant Serum and the White & Bright Eye Cream.

pure beauty products purchase

pure beauty products purchase2

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Review: Shiseido UV Protective Foundation (Liquid and Compact)

Makeup junkies should keep in mind that the finish of the makeup should not be the only concern for buying a specific product. We should also take into consideration that the products we are using are also taking care of our skin.

The current summer heat could result to having a sweaty and oily face when we are exposed under the sun. Aside from that, there are dangers brought about by long hours of sun exposure. Although we are advised to stay indoors when the sun is out, there are times when it is inevitable for us not to get out. This is why it is really important to use products that have sunscreen protection.

Shiseido’s extensive research on sunscreen protection for their products is based on three development points:

shiseido suncare three development points

(screenshot taken from the Shiseido website)

Having those factors included in their products, Shiseido released new foundations that address our concerns with regards to saying hello to Mr. Sun.

shiseido suncare foundations

(screenshot taken from the Shiseido website)

I am super lucky because I got two out of three of these newly released foundations during the Sip & See of Shiseido’s SS2014 Collection: the Shiseido UV Protective Liquid and Compact Foundations in Light Ochre. 😀

shiseido uv protective foundations

shiseido uv protective foundations2

shiseido uv protective foundations3

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Review: FS Cosmetics Two Way Cake

Looking for a powder that could…

  • set your makeup perfectly?
  • give a nice and flawless finish?
  • could look nice in pictures?
  • less than Php500?

Too good to be true? Not really… 😉 Presenting the FS Cosmetics Two Way Cake in Organza. 😀

Product Description (taken from the FS Cosmetics website):

High quality cake foundation that can be applied wet or dry.
It contains Vitamin E that nourishes and softens skin.
It also has UV-protection and oil-control.


fs cosmetics two way cake


fs cosmetics two way cake2

This is more than just a powder because it even has SPF35+ and PA+++. It is a makeup and skincare in one. Rest assured, your skin can be protected from the sun. Also, based on the product description, this has Vitamin E and oil control. For the oil control part, my face still gets oily after a few hours but it is not really a problem since I blot my face to get rid of the oil.

When you open the compact, it has the typical powder pan and mirror. I am not sure if the others like the scent of this powder. As for me, I find it too strong. It is like an odd, vanilla-like scent that is really strong. Nevertheless, the scent is gone once applied.

fs cosmetics two way cake3

I asked the sales assistant in SM Makati which shade is suited for me. I particularly told her that I want a powder that won’t look too white in pictures especially if the camera used has a flash but is still close to my skin color. She suggested that I get the Organza shade.

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Makeup Purchases: FS Cosmetics, Aido Cosmetics and Fashion 21 Cosmetics Products plus Freebies

I am so excited to share with you this post because this is the first time that I bought makeup exclusively from local brands.

See?!?! Haha! 😛

fs cosmetics, aido cosmetics and fashion 21 cosmetics products

For FS Cosmetics, I got the Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, Single Eyeshadow in Coffee Arabica and Two-Way Cake.

fs cosmetics products purchase

fs cosmetics products purchase2

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