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Review: Za-Cosmetics Plumper Lips

A moisturizing lipstick from Za-Cosmetics is up for today’s review!!! It is theĀ Za-Cosmetics Plumper Lips. šŸ˜€

za-cosmetics plumper lips

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

za-cosmetics plumper lips product description

Product Description (taken from the Za-Cosmetics website):

Gives your lips perfect clarity and depth.
“Fill-up collagen” replenishes your lips with rich moisture while “Plump-up pearl”,with its light-diffusing effect, makes your lips look incredibly plump and smooth.

za-cosmetics plumper lips2

When I bought this lipstick, along with theĀ Za-Cosmetics Impact-Full Eyes Gradation Type in PK271 (Pink Camisole) when they had the Go Full Impact Bundle promo, I really don’t know which shade to getĀ since all of them are really pretty. I just asked which of themĀ is the bestseller. The beauty consultant of Za-Cosmetics in SM Makati gave me this… Ruby Rich! šŸ˜€

za-cosmetics plumper lips3

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