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Review: Pixy Products Part 1 (Blush On, Eye Liner, Silky Fit Lipstick Satin)

I will be doing a series of reviews for the Pixy items that I got from my April BDJ Box: Beauty Blossoms. For the first part of my Pixy reviews, I will be featuring the following products:

  • Pixy Blush On in Passion Roses
  • Pixy Eye Liner in Brown
  • Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick Satin in Puppy Love Satin

pixy review part 1

First off, the review for the Pixy Blush On in Passion Roses

pixy blush on


pixy blush on2


pixy blush on3

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

pixy blush on product description

The Pixy Blush On in Passion Roses has a subtle light pink color that could give a natural rosy blush on your cheeks. This blush has a very, very, very small amount of shimmer in it which makes it close to having a matte finish.

pixy blush on4

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BDJ Box Bruno Mars Challenge Day #5

Do you remember this post? For me, it is a very special post because it is my first ever makeup review here in my blog. It is for the Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek in Shell Pink Cream. If you get to visit that post, you will notice in the end part that I added a video link of Ms. Barbi Chan talking about how to apply blush properly. It is the first ever makeup video tutorial that I got hooked into when I started my interest in makeup and, definitely, my favorite editorial feature in the BDJ Box website (which would answer the BDJ Box’s Bruno Mars Challenge Day # 5). It is through this tutorial that I was able to learn how to apply blushes without looking like a clown. Haha! 😛


(picture taken from the BDJ Box Facebook page)

For a recap, here is Ms. Barbi Chan’s makeup video tutorial about the different types of blushes and how to apply them properly.

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Review: Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Blush

Hi! I have another review for today. This time, it is for my Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Blush in Rose. Oh, how I love blushes! 😀


physicians formula pH matchmaker pH powered blush


physicians formula pH matchmaker pH powered blush2

When you open the compact, you will see the blush and mirror inside.

physicians formula pH matchmaker pH powered blush3

Here is a close up shot of the blush.

physicians formula pH matchmaker pH powered blush4

Please excuse that tiny damage at the bottom-right part of the blush powder. I think my compact bumped somewhere before I had the chance of taking a picture of it. I still like this blush nonetheless. 😀

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Review: Enhance Cosmetics 10pc Blush Shimmer Tangerine Collection

For today, I have another makeup review for Enhance Cosmetics. This time, it is for their 10pc Blush Shimmer Tangerine Collection.

Product description (taken from the Enhance Cosmetics Facebook page):

High quality and 10 full color professional makeup blush palette Beauty manifold color compages blush palette contains every shade needed for the makeup artist The blush color have some shimmer and matte mix Perfect for professional use or daily use!! P 500 exclusive of shipping

Here is the closed case of the blush palette.

enhance cosmetics 10pc blush shimmer tangerine collection3

When you open the case, you will see 10 different beautiful blush colors. 😉

enhance cosmetics 10pc blush shimmer tangerine collection2

Here is a close-up shot of the different blush colors. By the way, I took this shot with a camera flash so you could easily distinguish which colors have shimmers and which have none.

enhance cosmetics 10pc blush shimmer tangerine collection

Even if the product states that this is a “Shimmer Collection”, they still included three matte colors. Blush #s 68 and 9 are those with a matte finish. The rest have shimmers. This is perfectly fine since you can still use this palette even if you don’t feel like using a blush with shimmers.

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Makeup and Skincare Purchases: Enhance Cosmetics, Physicians Formula, e.l.f. Cosmetics and Pond’s Products

Hi! For today, I would like to share with you the newest addition to my makeup and skincare collection. I am just soooo excited to try them out and, of course, give reviews. 😀

Here they are!!! 😀

Enhance Cosmetics, Physicians Formula, e.l.f. Cosmetics and Pond's Products

For Enhance Cosmetics, I got the 10pc Blush Shimmer Tangerine Collection and the Mineral Loose Powder. I have been eyeing to get these products ever since I visited the Facebook page of Enhance Cosmetics (though I also want to buy their beautiful eyeshadow palettes and brushes too… :D).

Enhance Cosmetics Products

Enhance Cosmetics Products2

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Review: Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek

Hi! I will be writing my very first makeup review. Guess what product is this… What else? My first ever blush! 😀  I think it is appropriate that the first product I am going to review is a pink blush. Why? Look again at the title of my blog. Haha! 😛

If I will be asked what is my favorite makeup product, I would immediately say “the BLUSH”. It should be in the shade of pink. Pink is my favorite color and this is a prominent shade when it comes to blushes. It really looks appealing in someone’s cheeks (when applied correctly, of course). It gives that natural flush of color in the face.

Ever since I had an idea that makeup exists, I would always be enticed to look at blushes. However, I just look at them. PERIOD. I don’t know how to apply blush in my face anyway. I’m afraid I would look like a clown if I would do it on my own.

Since I am now interested in makeup, I guess it’s time for me to loose a little bit and give it a try. And here it is! My first blush purchase: Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek in Shell Pink Cream.

Product Description (from the Majolica Majorca website):

Cheek colors, manipulate freely! A cream blusher for your cheeks

Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek in Shell Pink Cream

Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek in Shell Pink Cream

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Makeup Purchase: Majolica Majorca Products

When I got hold of and liked the eyebrow powder palette that my friend gave me (as I told you in my previous post), I am sooooo excited to make my first makeup purchase and build my collection. The first brand that came into my mind was Majolica Majorca. This is the makeup brand that another friend of mine suggested that I should try when I was looking for makeup for my wedding. Her name is Myra, by the way… and she loves makeup too! 😀 I should ask her since I have no idea during that time. I should stick on a tight budget but I want my makeup to look good and last the whole duration of the wedding ceremony and reception. She said that Majolica Majorca products are good quality makeup without shelling out so much money. Anyway, that was almost two years ago…

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