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Review: Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Line (Toner and Moisturizer)

I have tried several skincare products from different brands but I always go back to the skincare products of Za-Cosmetics. Their product lines do not come with a hefty price tag as compared to high-end brands. Nevertheless, their products are really effective on taking care of my skin. I have previously shared with you my reviews on the Za-Cosmetics Total Hydration Bundle. For today, I will share with you why I am so loving their Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution line.

What is so special about this line? It has the INTENSIVE TRIANGLE TECHNOLOGY which is the key for having a youthful and glowing skin. For more information, here is a description of the Perfect Solution line (printed on the box of the products):

za-cosmetics perfect solution set product description

Here are the products included in the Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution line that I am currently using:

  • Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam
  • Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Toner
  • Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Moisturizer

za-cosmetics perfect solution set

za-cosmetics perfect solution set2

For this post, I am going to make a review on the toner and the moisturizer only. This is because I already made a review on the Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam last year.

First off, the review for the Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Toner

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Skincare Purchases: Za-Cosmetics Products plus Freebies

Last month, Za-Cosmetics had a promo on their skincare products. For every purchase of any of their skincare items, there is an equivalent free full-sized facial foam from the same product line. Also, a free eyeshadow palette was up for grabs when the items bought from Za-Cosmetics reached a total price of Php1,500++. With that, I took the chance to get some skincare products that I haven’t tried yet. Here are all the items that I got! 😀

za-cosmetics products purchase

For the Perfect Solution line, I bought the following items:

  • Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Toner
  • Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Moisturizer

za-cosmetics purchase - perfect solution toner and moisturizer

For these items, I got two Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam tubes for free. 😀

za-cosmetics freebies - perfect solution cleansing foam

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Sample Room: Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam Review

All skincare products have their own special roles in taking care of our skin. There are several products that we need to use in order to achieve a clean, healthy and youthful skin. Of course, everything starts with cleansing and this is the reason why facial cleansers would always be a priority in my daily skincare routine. Thus, I have another cleansing foam to feature for today which I got from Sample Room. This is the Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam. 😀

sample room za-cosmetics perfect solution cleansing foam

sample room za-cosmetics perfect solution cleansing foam2

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

This cleansing foam cleanses with resilient lather to leave your skin feeling plump, firm and glowing.
Rich, resilient lather permeates the skin’s texture to gently cleanse away impurities.
Thoroughly removes skin dirt and excess surface cells to give the skin a look of clarity. -Formulated with Dullness Clarifier
Retains the skin’s hydration as it eliminates impurities and excess surface cells. – Formulated with Selective Cleansing Agent


za-cosmetics perfect solution cleansing foam

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