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The Pink Blush’s Beauty Bunch Giveaway!

Hi, everyone! 😀 I am happy to announce that I will be having another giveaway for my avid readers. This is my simple way of saying “Thank You!” for supporting my blog. As much as I wanted to have multiple winners for this giveaway, I decided to give this out for just one winner this time.

It is just a matter of weeks when you will all be busy preparing for the upcoming parties and celebrations. With that, I made sure that I could give you a complete package that could make you look and feel gorgeous for the holiday season. I call it “The Pink Blush’s Beauty Bunch”. It has a combination of makeup, skincare, haircare and personal hygiene products that you will surely love. And, another bonus… You’ll see! 😉

Here are all the items that my lucky avid reader will get. 😀

the pink blush beauty bunch giveaway

For your hair, you might want to give it another shade so I am giving you the Garnier Color Naturals in Light Brown. Styling your hair would need extra care so the Vitress Hair Solutions Heat Protect Cuticle Coat is included.

the pink blush beauty bunch giveaway haircare

Keep yourself feeling fresh and clean with the following personal hygiene and skincare products:

the pink blush beauty bunch giveaway personal hygiene

Got problems with back acne and dry skin? Worry no more! You can have the Celeteque DermoScience Acne Solutions Back Acne Spray and the Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer to help you with that.

the pink blush beauty bunch giveaway body skincare

For your face, here are the skincare products:

  • Dermalogica Active Moist (sample tube)
  • Sisley Phyto-Blanc Buff and Wash Facial Gel (sample sachet)
  • Sisley Phyto-Blanc Ultra Lightening Mask (sample sachet)
  • Sisley Intensive Day Cream with Botanical Extracts (2 sample sachets)

the pink blush beauty bunch giveaway face skincare

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PAC and BDJ Box Prizes!!!

Another winning moment!!! This time, it’s a double win!!! Yey! 😀

I joined the Professional Artist Cosmetics – PAC Philippines giveaway on Facebook. Last week, they have already announced the winners and I am one of them! Woohoo!!! 😀


(picture taken from the Professional Artist Cosmetics – PAC Philippines Facebook page)

Also, those who have subscribed for the BDJ Box Elite: Girls Night Out got an email to answer a survey regarding the contents of that box. Five winners will be chosen from those who have completed the said survey. Luckily, I am also one of the winners! 😀


(picture taken from the BDJ Box Facebook page)


Sorry for the confusion on my surname. The one on PAC’s announcement is my married name. The one on BDJ Box’s announcement is my maiden name. 😀

Here are my prizes!!! 😉

prizes from pac and bdj box

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Event: PAC – Exclusive Workshop by Teddy Lim

Last Sunday, I was able to attend the makeup workshop of Mr. Teddy Lim brought by PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) at SM North Edsa, The Block Atrium. I found out about this event when they announced it in the Professional Artist Cosmetics – PAC Philippines Facebook page.

I also like to attend the makeup competition but I am not available on that day. Too bad… 😦

526576_655083914501913_938323763_n(picture taken from the Professional Artist Cosmetics – PAC Philippines Facebook page)

When I got at the workshop, Mr. Teddy Lim is already doing the day makeup on his makeup model.

mr. teddy lim doing the day makeup

Mr. Teddy Lim even answered some questions from the audience regarding how to put on makeup.

mr. teddy lim answering questions from the audience

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Review: PAC Liquid Eyeliner Black

Two months ago, I published a post trying to line my eyes by just using an eyeshadow. However, the color payoff is not really intense. Also, after a few hours, the eyeshadow went all over my eyelids. It smudged and it seemed like I had an unintentional smokey eye look (in a messy way).

This is why I decided to buy an eyeliner that could really give a good color payoff and would retain to where it should just be. I saw different beauty blogs featuring the newly released liquid eyeliner colors of PAC. I am amazed with the colors! Since I am just looking for a black one, I decided to go for the PAC Liquid Eyeliner Black for now.

By the way, PAC stands for Professional Artist Cosmetics. Dr. Martha Tilaar is the founder of this brand. PAC products are said to be highly suitable for Asian skin.

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

Innovative eyeliner with intense colour pay-off and a high level of coverage, creates a flexible super long-wearing film with a shiny finish.

pac liquid eyeliner black2

Here is the PAC Liquid Eyeliner Black. Don’t get confused with the packaging. The longer part is the applicator. The shorter part (which has the brand name) is where the liquid is placed.

pac liquid eyeliner black3

pac liquid eyeliner black4

This is printed at the bottom part of the product.

pac liquid eyeliner black

I like the applicator of this liquid eyeliner. You can have the option to make very thin to very heavy lines in your eyes. After a few attempts, I was able to do my winged eyes easily with this product.

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Makeup and Skincare Purchases: Nivea, Za-Cosmetics, PAC and Majolica Majorca plus Freebies plus Makeup Hand-me-down from my Mom

Hi! I have another post of my new purchases for today. However, this post will not be just about my recent purchases. As you read in the title of this post, I also have freebies and makeup hand-me-down from my mom. Let’s start! 😀

First part: My Makeup and Skincare Purchases

nivea, za-cosmetics, majolica majorca and pac products

Beauty bloggers say that before putting on makeup, you should moisturize. This is a very important step that up to now, I am not yet putting into practice. Eeek! Sorry… Haha! 😛 So, I finally bought a moisturizer. For Nivea, I got the Smoothy Cream from their Nivea Baby skincare line.

nivea baby smoothy cream

I am lucky that I got the last stock when I tried to look for this at the baby section in SM Makati. The sales assistant told me that this is a really good product and that this is their bestseller for the Nivea brand. Well, I guess that’s true because based on what I read from other beauty blogs, they also have a hard time looking for this. It is always out of stock. By the way, you might be thinking why this is included in my post. It is a product for babies. Yes, it is! However, I read from several beauty blogs that this is an affordable yet an effective moisturizer. So, I got this one for now. 😀

For Za-Cosmetics, I got the True White Plus Liquid FoundationTotal Hydration Fresh Lucent Toner and Deep Cleansing Oil. I have been planning to get a liquid foundation for a month now. Finally, I got one. Yey! For the toner, it is another add-up into my skincare routine since cleansetone and moisturize are the basic steps for a clean and clear skin. So now, I think I’m on the right track. 😀 For the cleansing oil, yes, another makeup remover. Let’s see if this is a good one.

za products

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