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St. Nails: The Angelic Nail Colors

I can’t really think of a blog post title that would suit the nail polish colors that I chose when I had my nails done at St. Nails. This just popped out my mind considering the shade names of the polishes I picked. Haha! 😛

I have been wanting to try a blue polish shade for a long time already. So, when I visited St. Nails last Friday, I browsed over their available blue shades in their nail wheels. Two blue shades immediately caught my eye. These are the Orly Angel Rain and Orly Angel Eyes polishes. So angelic, isn’t it? Haha!

orly angel rain and angel eyes polish

Since I wanted to try both shades, I had my nail artist do an Odd One Out style on my nails. 😀

orly angel rain and angel eyes polish2

Lovely colors!!! Do you agree? 😉

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My St. Nails Nail Spa Experience

For today, I will be sharing with you my experience at St. Nails. I actually found out about this place when I read a post of Lush Angel regarding her experience in this nail salon. After reading it, I got enticed to also give it a try. st. nails logo

I like the interiors of this nail salon because it is so cozy and relaxing. They serve either cold water or hot tea. They even have a hot aroma pack that would be placed on your shoulders to make you more relaxed during your stay.

st. nails nail spa2

st. nails nail spa4

st. nails nail spa3

I was able to take advantage of their 30% off on their Bundle Me Up package.

I got the Pamper Me Now service which is originally priced at Php800. I only got it at Php560. This bundle consists of Hand and Foot Bliss with Manicure and Pedicure.

I also had the Lower Leg Waxing which is priced at Php450. Though, I am not going to show the pictures of the waxing process since it is a private thing… Haha! 😛

Anyway, going back to my story…

Do I look like I am so pampered? Haha! 😛

pamper me now

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