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Review: FS Cosmetics Moisturific Moisture-Rich Lipstick

I hate chapped lips. I hate it when I get dry patches of skin on my lips. You cannot seem to perfect putting on lip color when your lips are dry. Another thing is that some lip products tend to make the lips even drier. Thus, worsening the chapped lips situation… But, how about those who are lipstick lovers yet their lips get dry¬†easily? I suggest that you use lipsticks that have a moisturizing ingredient in them. Just like the FS Cosmetics Moisturific Moisture-Rich Lipstick… ūüėÄ

fs cosmetics moisturific lipstick

fs cosmetics moisturific lipstick1

Product Description (taken from the FS Cosmetics website):

Glamorous, moisture-rich lipstick with Aloe-Vera, 
Vitamin E and Jojoba oil extracts. Deeply Nourishing. 
Terrifically moisturizing.

I got the shade Pink Chic. However, the color is not really a shade of pink. It is more of a coral shade. Nevertheless, I still like the shade because it is apt for daily use particularly for a day makeup.

fs cosmetics moisturific lipstick2

I like using this lipstick because it does not dry my lips. I don’t have to use a lip balm prior to using this lipstick. It has a rich, colorful pigment that stays longer as compared to other moisturizing lipsticks that I have tried.

fs cosmetics moisturific lipstick3

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