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Review: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Gel

If you like bringing makeup with you wherever you go, you would definitely need products that are travel-friendly. You could opt to go with products that have a double purpose to save space in your makeup bag or pouch. An example would be a lip and cheek stain just like the Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Gel in Amethyst which I got from my January-February 2014 BDJ Box: Change It Up! 😀

Product Description (taken from the Ellana Mineral Cosmetics website):

One of our bestsellers, the Lip & Cheek Gel gives a gorgeous, rosy glow that lasts the whole day. It delivers a sheer and beautiful no-makeup look while moisturizing your skin. It doesn’t dry quickly, giving you enough time to blend it evenly on your cheeks.


ellana mineral cosmetics lip & cheek gel


ellana mineral cosmetics lip & cheek gel2

The bottle does not have a cap included but you can twist the pump to lock it and prevent it from accidental spillage when you keep it inside your makeup pouch.

ellana mineral cosmetics lip & cheek gel3

Here is a swatch of the Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Gel in Amethyst.

ellana mineral cosmetics lip & cheek gel4

This product is super pigmented that you will just need a really small amount particularly if you are going to use this as a cheek stain. This does not dry up easily so you can have enough time to blend it on your cheeks. I like that this product could give a natural, rosy glow on my cheeks and it stays put the whole day.

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Review: Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint

I was just looking for a nail polish remover when I visited the Tony Moly counter in SM Makati. I have no intentions of buying any makeup products at that time. When I got hold of the nail polish remover, the saleslady convinced me to try their lip tint. I was about to say “No” when she started showing me the product. I was like, “Ok… another lip product here…”

It was an ordinary-looking product but the saleslady told me to give it a try. When she swatched the product on my hand, I got so amazed!!! The lip tint’s shade is green yet it gave a pinkish color when swatched on my hand. Whhhaaatttt???? I asked the saleslady the name of the product. She said that it is the Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint. True enough, it works like magic.

I asked the other available shades. She said that there are three of them but the only ones available are clear (strawberry) and dark red (grape). The green one (green apple) is not anymore available since it has already been used as a tester. So, yeah, I got the clear one, the Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint in #1 Strawberry.

Product Description (taken from the Tony Moly Philippines Facebook page):

This gel type tint, which turn into reddish as you apply it
on the lips like magic!
giving the moisture on your lips. 


tony moly berry berry magic lip tint


tony moly berry berry magic lip tint2

(top – lid of the packaging opened)

tony moly berry berry magic lip tint3

See??? It is so clear. How in the world will something this clear turn up to be pink? But yeah, it does… 😀

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Makeup and Nailcare Purchases: Tony Moly, Majolica Majorca and Za-Cosmetics Products plus Freebies

It has been a while since my last purchase post so I decided to share with you my purchases from last month. Plus, I’ve got new freebies!!! 😀 Here they are!

tony moly, majolica majorca and za-cosmetics products

For Tony Moly, I got the Pure & Clear Nail Enamel Remover and the Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint.

tony moly products

tony moly products2

For Majolica Majorca, I got the Wow Brows Kit.

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