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Makeup Purchase: Majolica Majorca Products

When I got hold of and liked the eyebrow powder palette that my friend gave me (as I told you in my previous post), I am sooooo excited to make my first makeup purchase and build my collection. The first brand that came into my mind was Majolica Majorca. This is the makeup brand that another friend of mine suggested that I should try when I was looking for makeup for my wedding. Her name is Myra, by the way… and she loves makeup too! šŸ˜€ I should ask her since I have no idea during that time. I should stick on a tight budget but I want my makeup to look good and last the whole duration of the wedding ceremony and reception. She said that Majolica Majorca products are good quality makeup without shelling out so much money. Anyway, that was almost two years ago…

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