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Review: Enhance Cosmetics Mineral Loose Powder

For today, I will be giving a review on my current favorite setting powder. This is the Enhance Cosmetics Mineral Loose Powder for Light to Fair Skin.

enhance cosmetics mineral loose powder3

Product Description (taken from the Enhance Cosmetics Facebook page):

Soft, Fine & Smooth loose Powder Foundation Tiny, Tender & Refined Powder, Soft & Smooth Texture, Ideal Repairing Effect, Improving Skin Colors. The powder is soft, fine & smooth. When you brush them on your face, your face color will be lightened. This product can be used separately or used after foundation. Its professional makeup effect let you be far from the grease and viscidity, and not block your pores. So you can remove your makeup more conveniently. P380.00

It says in the product description that you could use this alone or after your foundation. I prefer to use this after my foundation to set my makeup.

When you open the product packaging, there is a powder puff included. In case you don’t have a powder brush, you can use this instead. Also, as you will notice, there is a sticker attached to the holes where the powder would come out.

enhance cosmetics mineral loose powder

When you remove the sticker, place back the cover of the packaging. Shake the container a bit. The powder will come out of the holes and it will be ready for your use. Just be careful this time when you open the lid. The powder could be a bit messy (as expected since this is a loose powder). 😀

enhance cosmetics mineral loose powder4

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