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Review: Vidal Sassoon Intensive Hair Mask

Yey!!! My first ever haircare product review!!! 😀

I will be talking about my Vidal Sassoon Intensive Hair Mask that I got from my September BDJ Box: Luminescent Beauty.

Product Description (taken from the Vidal Sassoon website):

Hair mask that can be combined with both based care, care of the color.While proud of the highest repair power Among the series, mask and dispel the stereotype of traditional to repair the damage firm = called, tend to be heavy, realize the surprising lightness that does not interfere with the styling.Gem idea of ​​Vidal Sassoon to think up styling from care was alive.


vidal sassoon intensive hair mask


vidal sassoon intensive hair mask2


vidal sassoon intensive hair mask3

As stated in the usage instruction, this product is to be used after your usual shampoo and conditioner routine and to be applied onto the hair, down to the hair tips. As for me, I concentrate more on the hair tips since these are the most damaged part of my hair. After that, that is the time that I spread the product evenly onto my hair.

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BDJ Box: Unboxing My September BDJ Box: Luminescent Beauty

I have another unboxing post for today which is for my September BDJ Box: Luminescent Beauty. 😀 This is my second time to share with you my unboxing post. The first time is for my BDJ Box Elite: Girls Night Out.

Before I begin the unboxing post, I would like to share first what happened with my box. It has been a series of waiting moments for three months. Yup, that long… Why?

  • First, it was July when I paid for the August BDJ Box. August came and I was already waiting for my box to arrive. Apparently, the BDJ Box system had a technical glitch at that time and I did not actually make it to the cut-off for the August BDJ Box. I was informed that I have already been moved to the batch who will be receiving the September BDJ Box. The BDJ Box team just promised to add another item in my box (a lipstick) to make up for what happened. Again, I have to wait.
  • Second, after their release of the September BDJ Box, more than a week has already passed and I haven’t received mine yet. It was really late. I already read a number of unboxing posts from other blogs for this box while I don’t exactly know when I am going to get my box. This time, the problem is with their partnered courier. I have no choice but to wait. I keep on informing two people (Joanna and Rona) from the BDJ Box team regarding the situation. Good thing that they keep on following up with their courier until my box arrived.
  • Third, when I finally got my box. the promised lipstick was not there. I informed Joanna and Rona regarding the situation and they again communicated with their courier. I have no choice but to, again, wait. After two weeks of waiting, Joanna personally delivered the lipstick at my house. Awww… It was really touching. 🙂 Thanks a lot Joanna! 😀 Thanks to you too, Rona! 😀

There… That’s the long journey of my September BDJ Box. Haha!

Moving on, let’s now unbox my box. 😀

september bdj box

september bdj box2

I like how this box has been arranged along with the items inside. It seems like you are getting a present for no particular reason. It just makes you feel happy! 😀

september bdj box3

See? The box is filled with different amazing products. 😀

september bdj box4

Here are all the items inside the box.

september bdj box5

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