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PAC and BDJ Box Prizes!!!

Another winning moment!!! This time, it’s a double win!!! Yey! 😀

I joined the Professional Artist Cosmetics – PAC Philippines giveaway on Facebook. Last week, they have already announced the winners and I am one of them! Woohoo!!! 😀


(picture taken from the Professional Artist Cosmetics – PAC Philippines Facebook page)

Also, those who have subscribed for the BDJ Box Elite: Girls Night Out got an email to answer a survey regarding the contents of that box. Five winners will be chosen from those who have completed the said survey. Luckily, I am also one of the winners! 😀


(picture taken from the BDJ Box Facebook page)


Sorry for the confusion on my surname. The one on PAC’s announcement is my married name. The one on BDJ Box’s announcement is my maiden name. 😀

Here are my prizes!!! 😉

prizes from pac and bdj box

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BDJ Box: Unboxing My BDJ Box Elite: Girls Night Out

Hi! I already got my first ever BDJ Box. It is the BDJ Box Elite: Girls Night Out! Here it is!!! 😀

bdj box elite

I read from other beauty blogs that BDJ Box products are supposed to be inside a box. However, for this special BDJ Box Elite, the products are inside this black multi-functional pouch.

bdj box elite2

Here are all the items inside the pouch.

bdj box elite products

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