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BDJ Box: Unboxing My March 2015 BDJ Box: Pond’s

It is March and this month is very special to me since it is my birthday month. I don’t know why BDJ Box seems to make good guesses of my skincare needs but I super love this month’s exclusive box from Pond’s. 😉

march 2015 bdj box

All products are full-sized that aim to give a flawless and radiant skin. 😀

march 2015 bdj box3

Thank you BDJ Box for the sweet note! 😀

march 2015 bdj box5

Here are all the items inside the box.

march 2015 bdj box4

My March 2015 BDJ Box: Pond’s items along with their corresponding retail prices:

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Review: Pond’s Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel

Beauty gurus and enthusiasts always emphasize the need to moisturize daily. No matter what skin type you have, a moisturizer is a must. Aside from moisturizers, serums are also given importance since they give a more intensified care for the skin. They target specific skin problems like uneven skin tone, dark spots and blemishes, and many others. However, some women just don’t have the time to deal with several skincare products. What to do now? Well, once again, BDJ Box has given us a solution. Woohoo! 😀 If it is not for the September 2014 BDJ Box: Beauty Innovations, I would not be able to discover this amazing product. Meet Pond’s Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel! 😀 I am giving my two thumbs up for this baby. Read on why… 😉

ponds flawless white dewy rose gel

ponds flawless white dewy rose gel2

ponds flawless white dewy rose gel3

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

ponds flawless white dewy rose gel product description

ponds flawless white dewy rose gel product description2

Product Description (taken from the Pond’s website):

For Flawless White Skin You’ll Love to Touch

Uneven skin tone, spots and blemishes, skin discoloration, and rough, dark patches – do you experience any of these skin problems?

Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel is the first expert whitening product that comes in a refreshing gel, formulated by the Pond’s Institute. It goes deep within the skin and is clinically proven to lighten dark spots and smoothen pores. Its unique gel formula is gentle to the touch, instantly cools and hydrates your skin. The result? Dewy, soft skin so flawless, it glows!

Special Ingredient: Rose Lumiere™ Serum
Made from alpine rose extract that helps to lock in moisture and reduce skin dullness from within.

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BDJ Box: Unboxing My September 2014 BDJ Box: Beauty Innovations

OMG! BDJ Box is the BOMB! Those who were able to subscribe for this month’s box would surely get excited to get their respective boxes. We are getting another BIG (elite-like) box filled with interesting products that we could try! 😀

september 2014 bdj box

Aside from that, this box contains makeup, skincare (face and body) and haircare items. Such a complete package! 😀

september 2014 bdj box2

Here are all the items inside the box.

september 2014 bdj box3

My  September 2014 BDJ Box: Beauty Innovations items along with their corresponding retail prices:

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