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Review: Za-Cosmetics Total Hydration Dewy Moisturizer

Are you one of those who do not use moisturizers because it makes you look so oily-looking by midday? Or do you skip it because it makes you feel uncomfortably sticky particularly if you commute when you go to work or to school? Well, whatever skin type you have, a moisturizer is a MUST. However, I cannot blame you if you do have those concerns. With that, I can recommend you another amazing moisturizer that could just beat the oiliness and stickiness issues that you have. This is the Za-Cosmetics Total Hydration Dewy Moisturizer.

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

This moisturizer relieves stickiness and thoroughly replenishes moisture to give the skin a clarified glow and vibrancy.
Light and refreshing texture
For skin that tends to feel sticky

Product Description (taken from the Za-Cosmetics website):

Minimizes greasiness and gives the skin a smooth-textured vibrant glow.


za-cosmetics total hydration dewy moisturizer


za-cosmetics total hydration dewy moisturizer2

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Skincare Purchases: Za-Cosmetics Products plus Freebies

Last month, Za-Cosmetics had a promo on their skincare products. For every purchase of any of their skincare items, there is an equivalent free full-sized facial foam from the same product line. Also, a free eyeshadow palette was up for grabs when the items bought from Za-Cosmetics reached a total price of Php1,500++. With that, I took the chance to get some skincare products that I haven’t tried yet. Here are all the items that I got! 😀

za-cosmetics products purchase

For the Perfect Solution line, I bought the following items:

  • Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Toner
  • Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Moisturizer

za-cosmetics purchase - perfect solution toner and moisturizer

For these items, I got two Za-Cosmetics Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam tubes for free. 😀

za-cosmetics freebies - perfect solution cleansing foam

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