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Review: Pixy UV Whitening Compact Powder Coverlast

As a mom, there are times when rushing in the morning becomes so inevitable. This is because upon waking up, my kids spend some bonding time with me before they eat their breakfast. Sometimes, I lose track of the time that I have to rush preparing myself to go to work. I normally do a complete makeup routine but given that I have less time in my hands, I have to eliminate most of the steps. Apart from that, my adorable little daughters go over my makeup stash creating a beautiful mess when I am doing my makeup. Haha! Oh, the wonders of being a mom… 😀

This is why I got so lucky to discover a product that is suited for this kind of situation. It is a powder that gives full coverage, covers skin imperfections and provides a flawless finish the same way a foundation, concealer and setting powder would do. In addition to that, it takes lesser time to apply. It is the Pixy UV Whitening Compact Powder Coverlast in Natural. I got this from my January-February 2015 BDJ Box: Kawaii Must-Haves. 😉

pixy uv whitening compact powder coverlast

pixy uv whitening compact powder coverlast2

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

pixy uv whitening compact powder coverlast product description

(front and back)

pixy uv whitening compact powder coverlast3


pixy uv whitening compact powder coverlast4

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