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Review: Dial Products (Coconut Water Ultra Fresh Hydrating Body Wash and Coconut Water & Bamboo Leaf Extract Glycerin Bar Soap)

Do you still remember my previous post regarding “The Beauty Wonders of Coconut Water”? I got hooked because aside from it being a tasty thirst quencher, it also has a lot of health and beauty benefits. Given this fact, I thought that this could be an effective ingredient for skincare products.

Well, I was right! 😀 A few weeks after that post, BDJ Box included skincare products with coconut water in the October 2014 BDJ Box: Skin Savers. These are the Dial Coconut Water Ultra Fresh Hydrating Body Wash and the Dial Coconut Water & Bamboo Leaf Extract Glycerin Bar Soap.

october 2014 bdj box dial coconut water products

First off, the review for the Dial Coconut Water Ultra Fresh Hydrating Body Wash.

(front and back)

dial coconut water body wash

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

dial coconut water body wash2

Product Description (taken from the Dial website):

The first of its kind to contain coconut water, this body wash delivers a fresh infusion of moisture, every time you shower.

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BDJ Box: Unboxing My October 2014 BDJ Box: Skin Savers

The beauty boxes that we receive from BDJ Box keeps on getting interesting as the months go by. For this month, we are getting two amazing boxes. Yes! TWO BOXES! 😀

october 2014 bdj box

The boxes are mainly filled with skincare products (as this month’s theme is all about taking care of our skin) but makeup and haircare items are included as well.

october 2014 bdj box2

Here are all the items inside the box.

october 2014 bdj box3

My  October 2014 BDJ Box: Skin Savers items along with their corresponding retail prices:

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The Beauty Wonders of Coconut Water

It is just yesterday that I found out that there is a food stall (also known as “jollijeep”) near my workplace that sells a bottle of “Buko Juice” or internationally known as Coconut Water. I just planned to buy something to eat before going to work because I did not have my breakfast yet. So, I approached one “jollijeep” and stood there to think of what to buy. There were several people buying as well and most of them added a bottle of coconut water along with their other orders. Some of them solely order that refreshing drink. My curiosity kicked in! I gave my order and I added the coconut water so I could try it as well.

Well… Yup! Good thing, I did! 😀

Here is how it looks like. It is mostly coconut water and there are a few pieces of soft coconut meat included. It is lightly sweet and can quench your thirst at an instant.

coconut water

So, why did I feature coconut water here in my blog? Well, it has a lot of health and beauty benefits packed in one bottle. I did a bit of research and here is what I found out:

  1. Anti-aging >>> Has antioxidants that slows down our aging process
  2. For hydration >>> Contains 94% water and is very low in calories and sugar
  3. Natural source of vitamins and nutrients >>> Has calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamins of B group
  4. Helps healthy weight loss >>> Boosts our metabolism and flushes out toxins from the body
  5. Skincare product >>> Can serve as your toner and moisturizer
  6. Skin treatment >>> Helps clear out blemishes and acne
  7. Hair treatment >>> Makes the hair soft and smooth prevents hair problems like itchy scalp and dandruff

(website sources: Beauty and Tips and Yahoo! Lifestyle India)

There you have it! There is nothing that you would not love with this super drink. Go ahead and try out a refreshing bottle of coconut water and be healthy and beautiful. 😀