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Review: Pond’s White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel

I just love the feeling of fresh and clean skin. This is why I always make sure to cleanse twice a day: at morning and at night. It is also important that the cleanser you use does not dry up your skin. I could recommend a new product from Pond’s that could do just that. It is the Pond’s White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel which I got from my March 2015 BDJ Box: Pond’s. This is actually my current favorite facial wash. 😀


ponds white beauty pearl cleansing gel


ponds white beauty pearl cleansing gel2

Product Description (taken from the Pond’s website):

1st Pond’s Whitening Facial Wash in a Gel that cleanses your skin, making it Whiter and Fresher.

The New Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel contains Pearl Essence known to whiten skin and an oxygenated formulation which refreshes and cleanses effectively without drying skin. Because of its mild formulation that locks in moisture, the Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel is suitable for sensitive skin.

Special Ingredient: Pearl Essence
Pearl Essence allows better absorption which is known and tested for noticeable skin whitening. With its oxygenated formulation, it also cleanses and refreshes while locking in moisture, making skin softer and smoother.

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

ponds white beauty pearl cleansing gel product description

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BDJ Box: Unboxing My March 2015 BDJ Box: Pond’s

It is March and this month is very special to me since it is my birthday month. I don’t know why BDJ Box seems to make good guesses of my skincare needs but I super love this month’s exclusive box from Pond’s. 😉

march 2015 bdj box

All products are full-sized that aim to give a flawless and radiant skin. 😀

march 2015 bdj box3

Thank you BDJ Box for the sweet note! 😀

march 2015 bdj box5

Here are all the items inside the box.

march 2015 bdj box4

My March 2015 BDJ Box: Pond’s items along with their corresponding retail prices:

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Review: Za-Cosmetics Cleansing Foaming Gel

Makeup removers are essential for those who love makeup. Of course, it is important to remove your makeup before going to sleep. No matter how tired you are when you get home, you have to keep in mind that it is a MUST to get rid of that makeup by hook or by crook!

There are different types of makeup removers out there. I have previously tried a cleansing oil and a cleansing cream. For today, I will be featuring another type of makeup remover: a gel-type. It is the Za-Cosmetics Cleansing Foaming Gel.

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

  • Double action formula: Gel adheres to grime and makeup for thorough removal, A splash of water turns gel into foam for easy rinse off
  • Deeply cleanses clogged pores, removing old keratin that causes dull skin tone
  • Non-sticky, fresh, supple feel
  • Removes oil-based makeup

Product Description (taken from the Za-Cosmetics website):

A must-have item for busy women!
Both makeup removal and cleansing can be done at the same time in a “single step”.


za-cosmetics cleansing foaming gel


za-cosmetics cleansing foaming gel2

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Sample Room: H2O+ Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel Review

Hi! It has been a while since my last Sample Room product review. Finally, I was able to get another interesting sample. It is the H2O+ Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel. 😀 I was actually surprised when I got my package because I just ordered the said product. However, it came with another sample which is the Celeteque DermoScience Advanced Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil. Though, the main focus of this post would be the review for the cleansing gel.

sample room samples

sample room samples2

Product Description (taken from the Sample Room website):

This oil-free cleanser foams away makeup and impurities while soothing the skin.

This daily cleanser gently and effectively foams away make-up and surface impurities. Microencapsulated softening beads gently exfoliate the skin’s surface, removing dull surface cells and stubborn residue, as well as gently buffing for a smooth and radiant complexion. Formulated with a soothing combination of Acacia Extract and Hydrating Marine Blend, skin is left cleansed and refreshed without stripping or drying.

(front and back)

sample room h2o+ aqualibrium marine cleansing gel

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Makeup and Skincare Purchases: Za-Cosmetics, L’Occitane and Majolica Majorca Products plus Freebies

It is MARCH and it is my birthday month!!! With that, I will be having another beauty purchases post to give this month a happy start. 😉

za-cosmetics, l'occitane and majolica majorca products purchase

For Za-Cosmetics, I got both skincare and makeup products.

za-cosmetics products purchase

For the Za-Cosmetics skincare products, I bought the Cleansing Foaming Gel, Deep Cleansing Oil, Total Hydration Fresh Lucent Toner and Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel.

za-cosmetics skincare purchase

For the Za-Cosmetics makeup products, I bought the Go Full Impact Bundle (consists of the Impact-Full Eyes (Gradation Type) in Pink Camisole and Plumper Lips in Ruby Rich).

za-cosmetics makeup purchase

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