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Event: BDJ Box & Max Factor Beauty Soiree

Two days before this event, I got an email invite from BDJ Box to attend their last beauty soiree for the year: Timeless Beauty Max Factor BDJ Box Beauty Soiree. It was really unexpected but I was super happy to have been chosen as one of the attendees. 😀

It was held at the Max Factor Counter in Rustan’s Makati.

max factor products4

max factor products2

max factor products5

max factor products3

The host at the soiree was Chelsea Ballesteros from the BDJ Team. She was also the one who sent the invites to the lucky girls chosen to attend the event. 😀 *Thanks Chelsea! 😉*

host chelsea ballesteros

Max Factor’s National Makeup Artist, Mr. Bobby Carlos, demonstrated how to do a look that is suited for holiday parties. This is actually the second time that I met him. The first one was during the BDJ Box Beauty Social – Primp and Prettify.

max factor's philippines national makeup artist bobby carlos

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