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Review: CoverGirl TruBlend Products (Liquid Makeup and Pressed Powder)

Have you been busy lately with Christmas preparations, parties and reunions? Well, me too! I can totally relate!!! Aside from that, the next thing to prepare for is the upcoming New Year celebration. Whew! Super jam-packed schedules… Haha! 🙂 Thus, it has been a while since my last post.

For today, I will be sharing with you my recent love for CoverGirl products. They are so amazing and I am thankful that I was able to discover them through my December 2014 BDJ Box: CoverGirl. I will initially feature the CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup in Buff Beige and CoverGirl TruBlend Pressed Powder in Translucent Light.

covergirl trublend products

First off, the review for the CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup in Buff Beige

Product Description (taken from the CoverGirl website):

truBLEND Liquid Makeup is available in 21 shades and features a new shade-matching system. To find your perfect blend, first determine your shade family. Second, choose your number. Coordinate complementary truBLEND products based on your number for a seamlessly flawless nude look that blends in and virtually disappears.

(front and back)

covergirl trublend liquid makeup

The bottle includes a pump so you could easily dispense a certain amount of the product depending on your desired coverage.

covergirl trublend liquid makeup2

Here is a swatch of the CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup in Buff Beige.

covergirl trublend liquid makeup3

I like that this foundation could give a medium to full coverage yet it is very natural-looking. It easily blends on the skin and does not make you look so made up. Looking fresh is so easy with this foundation.

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Review: My Choice Products (Spa Salt plus Hand and Body Lotion)

Affordability is a vital factor that I consider in patronizing effective skincare products. This is because I easily use up skincare items rather than makeup. Also, a daily regimen is needed to maintain having a nice and youthful skin. Good thing that I was able to discover another affordable skincare brand that promotes organic ingredients in their products. Introducing… My Choice! 😀

I got two My Choice products in my October 2014 BDJ Box: Skin Savers. These are the My Choice Carrot Spa Salt and the My Choice Carrot Hand and Body Lotion. I particularly got curious with the spa salt because I have never used that kind of product before.

my choice products

First off, the review for the My Choice Carrot Spa Salt.

(front and back)

my choice spa salt

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

CARROT SPA SALT has a NATURAL CARROT EXTRACT which helps rejuvenates the skin cells and fights against aging. Possess powerful ANTI-OXIDANT properties that discourage the premature aging of our skin. It also helps stabilize the collagen and elastin which helps repair the damaged skin to revitalize and tone the skin.

my choice spa salt2

my choice spa salt3

I initially had no idea how to use this. It literally looks like salt. I was not even sure if I was using it the right way when I first used this. Haha! 😛

I normally use a bar soap when I take a bath because it is much more affordable than buying a bottle of body wash. Though, I prefer using a body wash, it is not practical to use all the time. However, whenever I use a bar soap, my skin tends to get dry. This is where the My Choice Carrot Spa Salt comes in. I do not worry having dry skin anymore because this exfoliates my skin and removes all the residue left from the bar soap that I used. Now, I enjoy using it because it could make my skin feel softer and smoother afterwards. It is particularly noticeable when you already rinse it off. 😉

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Review: Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

For today, I will be featuring the newest product from Shiseido that I revealed to you when I unboxed my August 2014 BDJ Box: Luscious Locks. I was one of the golden ticket winners in which I got a full-sized (30ml) bottle of the Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. 😀

shiseido ultimune power infusing concentrate

Upon seeing this in my last month’s BDJ Box, I just couldn’t remove my eyes on this product for about twenty minutes. I was just super happy to receive this and know that I am one of those who can get to try another amazing product from Shiseido. 😀

shiseido ultimune power infusing concentrate2

Product Description (taken from the Shiseido website):

The ultimate concentrate for enhancing skin’s inherent multi-defensive power against signs of aging, environmental factors and daily stress. Day by day, your skin becomes smoother and more resilient making wrinkles less noticeable and your complexion appears to glow with more radiance than ever. Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is for all women of all ages. It works with your skincare to boost the benefits of your regimen, no matter your concerns.

  • Shiseido’s exclusive Ultimune Complex helps boost defensive functions that have declined in Langerhans Cells, the cells that hold the key to promoting skin’s multi-defensive power. Now your skin can achieve its greatest beauty potential.
  • Immediately, skin feels full and supple, with a silky-smooth surface.
  • In one week, skin appears to glow more than ever.
  • In 4 weeks: firmness and resilience are improved, making wrinkles less visible.
  • Apply morning and night after cleansing and softening the face. When using other serums, apply Ultimune first to enhance the benefits of the following treatments.

(front and back)

shiseido ultimune power infusing concentrate3

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Review: Keratin Complex Travel Valet Care Kit

It is so hard to travel with complete beauty necessities because you need to be conscious of your luggage weight. Most of the time, your luggage has a tendency to get heavy because of all the toiletries that you have to carry with you. Shampoo? Conditioner? You will need them. But with limited amounts only? What now? I can give a solution for that. Let your hair travel in style with the Keratin Complex Travel Valet Care Kit. 😀

july 2014 bdj box keratin complex travel valet care kit

I got this haircare kit in my July 2014 BDJ Box: Pure and Simple. The Keratin Complex Travel Valet Care Kit is TSA-approved so you don’t have to worry about dealing with those who will check your luggage. 😉

july 2014 bdj box keratin complex travel valet care kit2

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

keratin complex travel valet care kit product description

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Review: Benefit Products in My June 2014 BDJ Box: Let the beauty begin!

For today, I will be doing a review of the sample-sized Benefit products that I got in my June 2014 BDJ Box: Let the beauty begin! Here are the items included in my box:

  • Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream
  • Benefit the POREfessional
  • Benefit Stay Flawless
  • Benefit Fakeup in 02 Medium
  • Benefit Big Easy in 05 Beige
  • Benefit Lollitint
  • Benefit Benetint

benefit products

benefit products2

First off, the review for the Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream

june 2014 bdj box benefit its potent eye cream

benefit its potent eye cream

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

benefit its potent eye cream product description

This is actually my second sample of the Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream. I got my first sample when I received my BDJ Box Elite: Girls Night Out. I like that this eye cream has a lightweight texture making it easy to apply. It could be easily absorbed by the skin making it suited to be used before applying makeup. With that, there should be no excuses anymore for you not to use an eye cream during the day and before hitting the sack. Haha! 😛 It might be a bit weird to use for the first few days because you can feel that, somehow, it has a light stingy feel on the eyes. After that, every time you are going to use this, your eyes will just feel light and fresh. Say goodbye to unpleasant, groggy eyes! 😀

Next, the review for the Benefit the POREfessional and the Benefit Stay Flawless

benefit primers

These products are both makeup primers. They work differently but they complement each other in keeping your makeup looking perfect.

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Review: Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

For today, I will be giving a review on one of my favorite products that I got from my May 2014 BDJ Box: Summer Radiance. It is the Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack. 😀

may 2014 bdj box too cool for school pumpkin sleeping pack

At first, I didn’t know how to use this product. There are no English translations provided in the tube packaging and the box. The product details are all in Korean characters. But, with the help of a bit of research, I found out that this could actually replace your usual moisturizer for once or twice a week.

Product Description (taken from the May 2014 BDJ Box: Summer Radiance Product Descripton):

A skin renewal sleeping pack that moisturizes, exfoliates, and shields skin from our dry environment. It soothes the skin while removing dead skin cells to reveal a smoother surface. Use it once to twice a week, and let the pumpkin extract and hyaluronic acid work wonders on your parched skin, so you wake up glowing!

pumpkin sleeping pack-520-a-eng

(picture taken from the Too Cool for School website)

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Review: Pixy Products Part 2 (Ultimate Makeup Cake, Waterproof Mascara, Silky Fit Lipstick Semi Matte)

This post is a continuation of the makeup review series for the Pixy items that I got from my April BDJ Box: Beauty Blossoms. Here is the link for the first part of my reviews. For the second part of my Pixy reviews, I will be featuring the following products:

  • Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in White Porcelain
  • Pixy Waterproof Mascara in Black
  • Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick Semi Matte in Red Chili Semi Matte

pixy review part 2

First off, the review for the Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in White Porcelain

pixy ultimate makeup cake

(front and back)

pixy ultimate makeup cake2

I initially got attracted to this product because of the packaging. I know it just looks simple but it also looks really chic and super classy. It seems like it is from a high-end brand. 😉


pixy ultimate makeup cake3

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

pixy ultimate makeup cake product description

I like that this powder has SPF20 and PA++. Considering the hot weather that we currently have, it is important to use products that can protect our skin from the sun. Also, this powder smells good! 😀

In my case, I did not get the eight hours of perfect makeup because after four hours, I already get oily. Though, I just need to blot the oil off my face and my makeup looks perfect again. 😀

I also like that this powder does not get powdery at all (if you get what I mean… Haha! 😛 ). Even if you swirl your powder brush several times on the powder pan, you won’t get particles falling off from the compact.

pixy ultimate makeup cake4

pixy ultimate makeup cake5

I super like this powder because it can give a really smooth and nice finish to your makeup. Somewhat close to poreless perfection… 😉 It can be used alone or as a finishing powder. It can give a light to medium coverage. It can blur out skin imperfections but not totally cover them up. In that case, you might still need the help of a concealer or a liquid foundation.

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