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Review: Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream

For today, I will be having a skincare product review on the Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream. I found out about this product when I was browsing Project Vanity and I chanced upon her review regarding this cream. I, then, searched for other beauty blogs that had a review on this product and they say that this is a good moisturizer.


nivea baby smoothy cream

The packaging is a big tub, by the way. I wish Nivea could have it in a tube-type of packaging or any other packaging that could be more hygienic. This kind of packaging could be unhygienic since you will dip your fingers to get some product. Just make sure your hands are clean, okay? 😀


nivea baby smoothy cream2


nivea baby smoothy cream4

The Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream is a product for babies but I guess anything that’s good for babies are also good for adults. It has calendula which is used for skin treatment particularly for skin irritations, wounds and burns (as stated in personalcaretruth.com).

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Makeup and Skincare Purchases: Nivea, Za-Cosmetics, PAC and Majolica Majorca plus Freebies plus Makeup Hand-me-down from my Mom

Hi! I have another post of my new purchases for today. However, this post will not be just about my recent purchases. As you read in the title of this post, I also have freebies and makeup hand-me-down from my mom. Let’s start! 😀

First part: My Makeup and Skincare Purchases

nivea, za-cosmetics, majolica majorca and pac products

Beauty bloggers say that before putting on makeup, you should moisturize. This is a very important step that up to now, I am not yet putting into practice. Eeek! Sorry… Haha! 😛 So, I finally bought a moisturizer. For Nivea, I got the Smoothy Cream from their Nivea Baby skincare line.

nivea baby smoothy cream

I am lucky that I got the last stock when I tried to look for this at the baby section in SM Makati. The sales assistant told me that this is a really good product and that this is their bestseller for the Nivea brand. Well, I guess that’s true because based on what I read from other beauty blogs, they also have a hard time looking for this. It is always out of stock. By the way, you might be thinking why this is included in my post. It is a product for babies. Yes, it is! However, I read from several beauty blogs that this is an affordable yet an effective moisturizer. So, I got this one for now. 😀

For Za-Cosmetics, I got the True White Plus Liquid FoundationTotal Hydration Fresh Lucent Toner and Deep Cleansing Oil. I have been planning to get a liquid foundation for a month now. Finally, I got one. Yey! For the toner, it is another add-up into my skincare routine since cleansetone and moisturize are the basic steps for a clean and clear skin. So now, I think I’m on the right track. 😀 For the cleansing oil, yes, another makeup remover. Let’s see if this is a good one.

za products

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