Sample Room: Review of Moringa-O² Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Oil

If you are sensitive to the chemical formulations in regular shampoos and conditioners, there are other options for you. Just like my recent product discovery from Sample Room… I was able to try the Moringa-O² Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Oil that gives the right nourishment for your hair using natural ingredients. 😀

moringa-o2 herbal shampoo and conditioner with argan oil

moringa-o2 herbal shampoo and conditioner with argan oil2

Product Description of the Moringa-O² Hair Care Line (taken from the Moringa-O² website):

The new Moringa-O² Hair Care Line is the one and only herbal hair care line in the country with the power of nature’s skin multi-vitamins – Malunggay, Olive Oil and Omega (from Sunflower Oil). Now infused with equally powerful beauty oil, Argan Oil, it provides a complete hair and scalp care system.

Moringa-O² Herbal Shampoo with Argan Oil (front and back)

moringa-o2 herbal shampoo with argan oil

moringa-o2 herbal shampoo with argan oil2

Moringa-O² Herbal Conditioner with Argan Oil (front and back)

moringa-o2 herbal conditioner with argan oil

moringa-o2 herbal conditioner with argan oil2

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Review: Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (Total Damage Care 10)

Aside from the skin, the hair is the next thing that makes a woman look gorgeous. It requires adequate care for it to maintain its beauty, volume and shine. I believe every woman would want to have long, beautiful tresses just like Bea Alonzo. 😉

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What’s her secret? It is the new Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. It promises to smoothen 3 months of hair damage in just 3 minutes. I didn’t believe it at first. But… Yep! It does work. A true miracle, I must say! 😀

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (2)

What can the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner do for your hair?

8 out of 10 women gave 3 Minute Miracle topmarks, making it superior in:

  • improving hair health
  • helping repair damage
  • leaving hair smooth
  • strengthening hair
  • preventing split ends
  • providing immediate results.

(information taken from the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle information booklet)

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

This product has been named as the Philippines’ first Cosmopolitan Beauty Crush*!

*Cosmopolitan, the global beauty authority with 61 international editions, 45 million magazine readers, 39 websites, 46 million digital audiences and more social connections worldwide, is spearheading one big global initiative called Cosmo Beauty Crush. It is our way of making sure that you, Cosmo girl, get the best beauty treats from around the globe! 

How? Cosmo attaches its global seal of approval to special products that pass its ultra high beauty standards. So when you see the Cosmo Beauty Crush seal, it means that you’ve got to ditch what you’ve been used to and be the first to try the next big thing in beauty.*

(information taken from the website)

pantene 3 minute miracle conditioner

There is the Cosmo Beauty Crush seal!!! This serves as the proof of a product passing ultra high beauty standards. With that, I strongly encourage you to try this! 😀

pantene 3 minute miracle conditioner2

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Review: Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner

Not satisfied with just a regular hair conditioner? You could try the Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner. I was able to try two variants which goes well to tame my frizzy and damaged hair. I got them from my September 2014 BDJ Box: Beauty Innovations. 😀

cream silk daily treatment conditioner

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner Dry Rescue – to control hair frizziness

cream silk daily treatment conditioner2

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

cream silk daily treatment conditioner4

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Review: Dove Daily Hair Vitamin

We all know that vitamins give a lot of health benefits for our body. But, do you know that they can also be good for your hair? Yup! Dove has released a new product that could serve as vitamins for our hair. Well, it is not something that could be ingested but it is applied on the hair strands. Since BDJ Box has become my avenue for newly released beauty products in the market, I was able to try it. These vitamins are included in my September 2014 BDJ Box: Beauty Innovations. Introducing… The Dove Daily Hair Vitamin! 😀

dove daily hair vitamin

dove daily hair vitamin2

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

Concentrated infusion with vitamins that locks in nourishment all day

So, what can the Dove Daily Hair Vitamin do for our hair? It has the following haircare properties:

  • Vitamin E – Nourishes dry hair
  • Botanical Extract – Helps repair weak hair
  • Mineral Oil – Helps protect hair from damage

dove daily hair vitamin3

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Review: Keratin Complex Travel Valet Care Kit

It is so hard to travel with complete beauty necessities because you need to be conscious of your luggage weight. Most of the time, your luggage has a tendency to get heavy because of all the toiletries that you have to carry with you. Shampoo? Conditioner? You will need them. But with limited amounts only? What now? I can give a solution for that. Let your hair travel in style with the Keratin Complex Travel Valet Care Kit. 😀

july 2014 bdj box keratin complex travel valet care kit

I got this haircare kit in my July 2014 BDJ Box: Pure and Simple. The Keratin Complex Travel Valet Care Kit is TSA-approved so you don’t have to worry about dealing with those who will check your luggage. 😉

july 2014 bdj box keratin complex travel valet care kit2

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

keratin complex travel valet care kit product description

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Haircare, Skincare and Makeup Purchases: Pantene, Pure Beauty, Bifesta, Deoproce and Beauty Buffet Products

Yey! 😀 I finally have another purchases post to share with you. Here are my recent finds! 😀

pantene, pure beauty, bifesta, deoproce and beauty buffet products purchase

For Pantene, I bought some items from their newest haircare line: the Aqua Pure Shampoo and Conditioner.

pantene products purchase

I already ran out of my Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence Serum and I am about to finish my sample of the Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream. I am hesitating to buy these products because they are too pricey so I tried searching for other brands that carry serums and eye creams. I was about to give up looking when I spotted Pure Beauty in Watsons in SM Makati. They have affordable skincare products. With that, I got their Pomegranate Antioxidant Serum and the White & Bright Eye Cream.

pure beauty products purchase

pure beauty products purchase2

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BDJ Trial Kits: Vidal Sassoon and Olay Products

Signing up at gives BDJ girls an access to exclusive freebies. The previous freebie that I got was the Pantene Treatment Kit. For their second round of freebies, they gave out Vidal Sassoon and Olay Trial Kits. 😀

vidal sassoon and olay trial kits

vidal sassoon and olay trial kits2

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