Review: Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Waterproof Type

Makeup Review time!!! 😀

Today, I will be featuring my Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Waterproof Type. I got this product in my BDJ Box Elite: Girls Night Out. This mascara is actually one of the reasons why I got enticed to get my first BDJ Box Elite. 😉

Product Description (taken from the Fairydrops Philippines Facebook page):

A volumizing, waterproof mascara with a brush so unique it is patented in Japan and USA. It contains Volume Up Powder, Wax and Fiber and contains 5 kinds of treatment essence to beautify and repair eyelashes.

fairydrops platinum mascara waterproof type

fairydrops platinum mascara waterproof type2

This brand of mascara has its famous patented three teardrop wand which can effectively catch even the tiniest lashes that you have. Well, yes, it did catch all of my lashes. 😀

fairydrops platinum mascara waterproof type3

This mascara has been awarded the Best Mascara in the 2013 Marie Claire Beauty Awards. 😀


(picture taken from the Fairydrops Philippines Facebook page)

Let’s put this product to the test.

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BDJ Box: Unboxing My BDJ Box Elite: Girls Night Out

Hi! I already got my first ever BDJ Box. It is the BDJ Box Elite: Girls Night Out! Here it is!!! 😀

bdj box elite

I read from other beauty blogs that BDJ Box products are supposed to be inside a box. However, for this special BDJ Box Elite, the products are inside this black multi-functional pouch.

bdj box elite2

Here are all the items inside the pouch.

bdj box elite products

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