Review: Enhance Cosmetics 10pc Blush Shimmer Tangerine Collection

For today, I have another makeup review for Enhance Cosmetics. This time, it is for their 10pc Blush Shimmer Tangerine Collection.

Product description (taken from the Enhance Cosmetics Facebook page):

High quality and 10 full color professional makeup blush palette Beauty manifold color compages blush palette contains every shade needed for the makeup artist The blush color have some shimmer and matte mix Perfect for professional use or daily use!! P 500 exclusive of shipping

Here is the closed case of the blush palette.

enhance cosmetics 10pc blush shimmer tangerine collection3

When you open the case, you will see 10 different beautiful blush colors. 😉

enhance cosmetics 10pc blush shimmer tangerine collection2

Here is a close-up shot of the different blush colors. By the way, I took this shot with a camera flash so you could easily distinguish which colors have shimmers and which have none.

enhance cosmetics 10pc blush shimmer tangerine collection

Even if the product states that this is a “Shimmer Collection”, they still included three matte colors. Blush #s 68 and 9 are those with a matte finish. The rest have shimmers. This is perfectly fine since you can still use this palette even if you don’t feel like using a blush with shimmers.

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Review: Enhance Cosmetics Mineral Loose Powder

For today, I will be giving a review on my current favorite setting powder. This is the Enhance Cosmetics Mineral Loose Powder for Light to Fair Skin.

enhance cosmetics mineral loose powder3

Product Description (taken from the Enhance Cosmetics Facebook page):

Soft, Fine & Smooth loose Powder Foundation Tiny, Tender & Refined Powder, Soft & Smooth Texture, Ideal Repairing Effect, Improving Skin Colors. The powder is soft, fine & smooth. When you brush them on your face, your face color will be lightened. This product can be used separately or used after foundation. Its professional makeup effect let you be far from the grease and viscidity, and not block your pores. So you can remove your makeup more conveniently. P380.00

It says in the product description that you could use this alone or after your foundation. I prefer to use this after my foundation to set my makeup.

When you open the product packaging, there is a powder puff included. In case you don’t have a powder brush, you can use this instead. Also, as you will notice, there is a sticker attached to the holes where the powder would come out.

enhance cosmetics mineral loose powder

When you remove the sticker, place back the cover of the packaging. Shake the container a bit. The powder will come out of the holes and it will be ready for your use. Just be careful this time when you open the lid. The powder could be a bit messy (as expected since this is a loose powder). 😀

enhance cosmetics mineral loose powder4

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Makeup and Skincare Purchases: Enhance Cosmetics, Physicians Formula, e.l.f. Cosmetics and Pond’s Products

Hi! For today, I would like to share with you the newest addition to my makeup and skincare collection. I am just soooo excited to try them out and, of course, give reviews. 😀

Here they are!!! 😀

Enhance Cosmetics, Physicians Formula, e.l.f. Cosmetics and Pond's Products

For Enhance Cosmetics, I got the 10pc Blush Shimmer Tangerine Collection and the Mineral Loose Powder. I have been eyeing to get these products ever since I visited the Facebook page of Enhance Cosmetics (though I also want to buy their beautiful eyeshadow palettes and brushes too… :D).

Enhance Cosmetics Products

Enhance Cosmetics Products2

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Review: Enhance Cosmetics 4 Color Eyebrow Powder Palette

I guess it’s about time that I give the spotlight to this eyebrow palette since this is the product that started my interest in makeup. As what I have revealed to you in this post, my friend (Abby) gave me this palette. She is one of the owners of Enhance Cosmetics.

As of this date, I have not seen any blog reviews regarding their products. I guess this is going to be the first one. 😀

So, here is a picture of the Enhance Cosmetics 4 Color Eyebrow Powder Palette (taken from their Facebook page).

Enhance Cosmetics 4 Color Eyebrow Palette

Product description (taken from their Facebook page as well):

The 4 colors eyebrow palette have fine pressed powder, natural colours fill in and perfect brows with no harsh lines. The colors you apply on the skin is the truth color show in the palette. It is very pigment and long lasting! P400.00

Here is the actual product given to me.

Enhance Cosmetics 4 Color Eyebrow Palette

There is a mirror and brush included in the palette. (Sorry I was not able to take a picture of it when it was totally new.)

Enhance Cosmetics 4 Color Eyebrow Palette2

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