BDJ Box: Unboxing My May 2015 BDJ Box: Kiss Dry Goodbye!

Summer is officially over as we enter the month of June. I know that a lot of you went to your own fun escapades and get-togethers. However, it is inevitable that our hair and skin got dry during the past months due to the scorching heat. The solution? The May 2015 BDJ Box: Kiss Dry Goodbye! 😀

may 2015 bdj box

The May 2015 box is all about making sure that we get all the moisture that our hair and skin need to regain our natural, youthful glow. Of course, BDJ Box added up other essential items for our daily use.

may 2015 bdj box2

Once again, I appreciate the personalized note from BDJ Box. Thank you so much! 😀

may 2015 bdj box3

Here are all the items inside the box.

may 2015 bdj box4

My May 2015 BDJ Box: Kiss Dry Goodbye! items along with their corresponding retail prices:

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Review: Dermal Healing Essence Masks

If you are looking for a gift for your girl friends that is just about Php400 yet it would be something that they would really love, I would suggest that you get the Dermal Healing Essence Masks. 😀

Early this year, Ms. Barbi Chan of BDJ Box gave me a set of Dermal Collagen Essence Masks which became my instant favorite when it comes to facial masks. It gives a refreshed feeling on the skin and can make the skin plumper and firmer.

When I got a surprise package from her, I had a big smile on my face. 😀 Yup. Ask my husband. Haha! I got so excited to try out these new facial masks. Yey! 😀

*Thank you so much, Ms. Barbi!*

christmas gift dermal healing essence masks

It is already lovely to give this set in itself along with its ribbon and gift tag. 😉

christmas gift dermal healing essence masks2

Just write down your message at the back part of the card and you are ready to give them out. 🙂

christmas gift dermal healing essence masks3

Here are the masks that are included in the set. Just like the Dermal Collagen Essence Masks, each variant has a specific function which can benefit the skin.

dermal healing essence masks

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BDJ Box Online Shop Purchases and Lovely Gifts from Amazing Friends

Hi! This is going to be a short post featuring the newly added items in my vanity drawer. 😉 It is a combination of my purchases from the BDJ Box Online Shop and some gifts that I got from my sweet friends.

bdj online shop purchases and lovely gifts

I haven’t tried buying products from the BDJ Box website except for their monthly beauty box. However, I was able to gain some reward points since I always visit their website and read their beauty articles. I have been wanting to use them ever since I got eligible to claim for a Php100 discount that I could use when I buy from their online shop. Currently, BDJ Box is holding a Canmake Kawaii Christmas Haul contest in which you have to buy Canmake products from the BDJ Box Online Shop from November 17-30. Then, share a review and snap a selfie using the Canmake products used. Refer to this link for more details. So, it gave me a reason to try buying online. 😀 Here are the products that I got: Canmake Just For Me Essence Rouge in Color 01 Natural Beige and Canmake Cleansing Stick.

canmake products purchase

canmake products purchase2

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BDJ Box: Unboxing My May 2014 BDJ Box: Summer Radiance

BDJ Box already released this month’s box which is the May 2014 BDJ Box: Summer Radiance. It is filled with items that could let us enjoy what is remaining of our summer days. Let’s unbox now, shall we? 😀

may 2014 bdj box

This month’s box focuses more on haircare and skincare products. The heat and UV rays coming from the sun could greatly affect our hair and skin. This is why it is so timely that BDJ Box provided us with these products. Of course, BDJ Box also added some more items that are perfect for summer. Find out what they are below… 😉

may 2014 bdj box2

Here are all the items inside the box.

may 2014 bdj box3

My May 2014 BDJ Box: Summer Radiance items along with their corresponding retail prices:

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Review: Dermal Collagen Essence Masks

I shared with you before that Ms. Barbi Chan, a famous makeup artist and one of the beauty ministers of BDJ Box, gave me some facial masks to try when we met at the BDJ Box Beauty Social: Tres Chic. 😀

sample dermal collagen essence masks

sample dermal collagen essence masks2

These are the Dermal Collagen Essence Masks. This brand has been awarded as THE BEST FACIAL MASK IN KOREA. With that, I am super duper thankful to Ms. Barbi since I am one of those who were able to try these amazing masks before being officially released here in the Philippines. *Super thank you Ms. Barbi* 😀

Here are the masks given to me. The flavor names are really interesting particularly Bee Venom and Syn-ake. 😀 Each flavor has their own specific function which can benefit the skin.

dermal collagen essence masks

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