Review: Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup Remover

Removing eye makeup is tough. This is where you deal with removing layers of eyeshadows, dark eyeliners and waterproof mascaras. It is important to remove all traces of your eye makeup but your makeup remover should be gentle enough for your eye area. For me, it is important that the makeup remover could effortlessly dissolve eye makeup so that you don’t have to tug the skin around your eyes too much. Let me share with you my experience on using the Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup Remover.

bobbi brown eye makeup remover

I love using cleansing oils because these are the best in easily removing all residues of makeup. Yet, I am not closing my options to just using cleansing oils as my makeup remover. You will never know if other types of makeup removers are good as well if you don’t try, right? Well, that was my thought when I decided to get the Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup Remover. It is like a toner so don’t expect to get an oily feel afterwards. I was told that this could effectively remove eye makeup and keep the skin soft and supple. Aside from that, this could also be used for the entire face. So, I gave it a try.

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

bobbi brown eye makeup remover product description

Since this is not like the usual cleansing oils, I put some of this product in a cotton pad just like a toner. Then, I go with my usual routine of removing my makeup. In addition to that routine, I let the cotton pad stay in my eye area for 20 seconds before I wipe off the makeup.

bobbi brown eye makeup remover

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Event: Bobbi Brown Makeup Workshop (Wearable Runway Trends)

Two weeks ago, I received an email invite from Bobbi Brown regarding their makeup workshops. I immediately signed up for one which is their workshop having the Wearable Runway Trends theme. 😀

It was held in front of the Bobbi Brown boutique at Rustan’s Makati Grandmall.

Remember Tamara during the Bobbi Brown x Make-Up Workshop? She was the makeup model at that time. For this workshop, she was the one who did the demo for two lovely ladies. 😀

bobbi brown makeup workshop - tamara

She taught us how to do a look that is suited during the day and another one for night events.

bobbi brown makeup workshop

bobbi brown makeup workshop2

Here is the final look for the day makeup…

bobbi brown makeup workshop first look

bobbi brown makeup workshop first look2

… and the night makeup.

bobbi brown makeup workshop second look

bobbi brown makeup workshop second look2

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Bobbi Brown x Make-Up Workshop

When I started having interest on makeup, it also started my interest on reading beauty blogs that could give valuable reviews on what products are worth buying. One of my most visited and favorite beauty blogs is Lush Angel. The blogger behind Lush Angel is Ms. Angela Nepomuceno. Her blog posts have a wide variety of topics from her makeup reviews to her OOTDs to her attended events and so much more. 😉

Last month marked the fifth year anniversary of Lush Angel. Yes! Five years!!! Oh my!!! How I wish I started beauty blogging earlier. To celebrate her blog’s new milestone, Ms. Angela collaborated with Bobbi Brown for a makeup workshop. To be able to attend the said event, regular visitors of Lush Angel should be able to comply to the mechanics stated in her blog post “Bobbi Brown x Make-Up Workshop”. Two days before the event, Ms. Angela already announced the winners on this post and I was one of them!!! Yey! 😀

Bobbi Brown boutique at SM Megamall

bobbi brown at sm megamall

bobbi brown at sm megamall2

It was held last October 26, 2013 in the training room area of Bobbi Brown in SM Megamall. The training room area is like a secret room behind the Bobbi Brown store. It is a small room which can actually accommodate 15 people for an intimate group makeup workshop.

When we entered the training room, all of the participants were given special gifts. Here they are!!! 😀

bobbi brown gifts

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