Sample Room: Review of Olay Total Effects Day Cream Normal

Protect your skin by getting seven anti-aging benefits in one product. Is that even possible? It’s a big YES with the Olay Total Effects Day Cream Normal. 😀

olay total effects day cream

olay total effects day cream2

Product Description (taken from the Olay website):

Olay Total Effects fights the 7 signs of skin aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dark spots, uneven texture, dryness, dullness and pores. Packed with niacinamide which makes skin younger-looking, Olay Total Effects remains to be the #1 anti-aging skin care choice for women across the region.

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

olay total effects day cream3

(front and back)

olay total effects day cream4

This product includes a pump so you could easily dispense the product inside. Also, I prefer this as opposed to a tub packaging since this is more hygienic to use.

olay total effects day cream5

It is a thick moisturizing cream which has almost the same consistency with that of the Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Cream Moisturiser. However, I like this better since you can get a lot of skincare benefits in this product.

olay total effects day cream6

I like this moisturizer because of its seven anti-aging benefits. Aside from that, it has SPF15 and is perfect for use before putting on makeup.

I just had a bit of some neutral take on this since it made me oily after a few hours. This is much more evident if you use it under a BB Cream. Though, I don’t mind since I usually blot to get rid of the excess oil on my skin. Also, I advise that you dispense just a bit and spread it out on your skin. Just get some of the product again if preferred. This is because if you get too much, it is a bit difficult to even it out on your skin due to its thick consistency.

According to the Sample Room website, there are two sizes of the Olay Total Effects Day Cream Normal:

  • 20g is Php389
  • 50g is Php789

screenshot in sample room olay total effects day cream

Here is my submitted review in the Sample Room website.

sample room review for olay total effects day cream

As this product is perfect for normal and dry skin types, there is another variant available for those with sensitive skin. It is the Olay Total Effects Day Cream Gentle.


  • fights seven signs of aging in just one product
  • includes a pump to easily dispense the product inside and for hygienic purposes
  • has SPF15


  • a bit difficult to spread and even out on the skin when you get too much of the product
  • gets a bit oily on the skin after a few hours


None. 😀

Check out Olay counters at leading department stores and drugstores nationwide to give this product a try. 😀

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