My Chic Tomato Wallet

A friend of mine (Caryl) told me that she wanted to buy a wallet that she saw from another friend. I got interested since I would also like to replace my old wallet. I have been looking for a nice-looking wallet for some time now but they are so pricey. Those that I saw range from Php1,500+ to Php2,500+. I actually like the style but not really the price for just a wallet.

Going back… 🙂 My friend referred to this Tomato online shop where the Tomato Mod Spirit Wallet is being sold. I loved it in an instant! For the price of only Php500, it is such a good deal!!! 😀

Product Description (taken from the Tomato website):

Keep every cent and bill intact with this faux leather wallet in beige with textured black complements and gold accents. Opens to a coin purse and an extra zipper pouch for storage. Also has storage for credit cards, ID and cash. Clasp closure protection.

Length: 19cm
Width: 3.5cm
Height: 10cm

There are actually four colors available (Beige, Gray, Green and Red). Also, our other friend (Ela) joined us and we had this chaotic yet super fun conversation of what color to get. Priceless moment! 😀

In the end, the three of us decided to go for the beige one. Haha! 😛


What I initially liked in this wallet is that it somehow looks like a clutch bag. It does not look like the typical style of wallets. It looks simple yet very chic and stylish. 😉


tomato mod spirit wallet

tomato mod spirit wallet2


tomato mod spirit wallet3


tomato mod spirit wallet4

Aside from that, there are several compartments that you could use to fit in your bills, coins, cards and IDs. I could even fit in my phone inside. I use the zippered compartment for that. 😀

(wallet details)

tomato mod spirit wallet5

tomato mod spirit wallet6

tomato mod spirit wallet7

tomato mod spirit wallet8

You could check out this online store link for more details on this wallet. If you are interested to buy this from their stores, here is the link for their branches nationwide. 😀

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