Review: Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream

I love using BB Creams because it can give a flawless look on my skin while maintaining its natural, youthful glow. Well, think of those famous Korean actors and actresses. The look of their skin is one thing that a lot of us envy. Well, a BB Cream can do the job to achieve that. Apparently, there are some skin types that seem to repel the formulation of a BB Cream. There are some who get breakouts afterwards. Some get super oily by midday. Others don’t like the sticky feel of the BB Cream when it combines with the hot weather here in our country.

Luckily, I discovered a product which has that same effect of the typical BB Cream but also answers the skin concerns stated above. It is the Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream in Light. I am so happy that I got this product from my March 2015 BDJ Box: Pond’s. 😀


ponds flawless white bb+ cream


ponds flawless white bb+ cream2

Product Description (taken from the Pond’s website):

Looking for the best BB Cream*? The Pond’s Institute developed Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream—a whitening cream and lightweight foundation in one—giving both skin care and makeup benefits. Use Pond’s BB+ Cream to achieve a flawless, no-makeup look.

Special Ingredient: GenActiv™
Two potent ingredients, Niacinamide and 12HSA, regulate the genes that control melanin production.

  • Compared to other BB Creams, it is less likely to cause pimples because it’s less sticky and helps control oil the whole day. No need to apply powder afterwards.
  • Compared to a CC Cream, it gives better coverage without the sticky feeling, aside from Pond’s expert skin care formula.

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

ponds flawless white bb+ cream product description

I got amazed with this product the first time that I used it. It is not like the usual Korean BB Creams that I have tried. It has that same medium to full coverage yet the look is still natural. It does not leave a very dewy finish but it keeps a healthy-looking glow on your skin. Also, it did not make my face look too oily.

Here is a swatch of the Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream in Light. As compared to other BB Creams, this one is less dewy-looking. Upon application, it blends easily and can cover up skin imperfections. This also has SPF30 and PA++ for your sun protection.

ponds flawless white bb+ cream3

This has a super affordable price of only Php299.


  • super affordable
  • gives medium to full coverage
  • has SPF30 and PA++
  • blends easily
  • can cover up skin imperfections
  • leaves a healthy-looking glow on the skin
  • natural (no-makeup) finish
  • does not make the skin too oily (as compared to other BB Creams)


None. 😀

Two shades are available for the Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream: Light and Beige. Lucky are those who have the March 2015 BDJ Box: Pond’s since both shades are included for this month’s box. 😀

march 2015 bdj box ponds flawless white bb+ cream

Pond’s products are available at leading department stores and drugstores nationwide.

2 thoughts on “Review: Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream

  1. It’s considerate of BDJ and Pond’s to just include the two shades to this month’s box. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find an appropriate match for myself. Light would’ve been a good pick had it not been pink-toned instead of yellow. Otherwise, I really liked the level of coverage and the price-point.

    • I agree. Finding the right shade is tricky in this product since there are only two shades available. I do hope they can have more shades since this product is really nice. 🙂

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