Review: Tony Moly Floria Body Cleanser

With the Tony Moly Floria Body Cleanser, you can now indulge in your moisturizing daily bath with a sweet flowery scent. šŸ˜€


tony moly floria body cleanser


tony moly floria body cleanser2

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

tony moly floria body cleanser3

Upon initial use of this product, I already got enticed in its scent. It has a lovely flowery fragrance that you would really enjoy in your daily bath. It lathers well and gives a refreshing, clean feeling. Aside from that, it moisturizes the skin too.

This product is originally priced atĀ Php498. However, I got this at a lower price of only Php348.60 when Tony Moly had theirĀ Tony Moly Hello 2015 Sale!Ā wherein they had a 30% discount on all of their regular items.


  • has a sweet flowery scent
  • lathers well
  • moisturizing
  • gives a refreshing, clean feeling


None. šŸ˜€

Kindly refer to thisĀ linkĀ for the different store outlets of Tony Moly nationwide.

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