Review: Deoproce GEO Gold Two Way Cake

Do you want to achieve a flawless face makeup by just using one product? Well, let me introduce to you my recent makeup discovery that would let you skip the “corrector >>> foundation >>> concealer >>> setting powder” process. It is the Deoproce GEO Gold Two Way Cake in #23 Sand Beige. 😀

deoproce geo gold two way cake

Product Description (printed on the leaflet included inside the box of the product):

deoproce geo gold two way cake product description

I have a confession to make… I got enticed to buy this because of its packaging. Hey! Who wouldn’t get attracted to this lovely compact? Haha! 😛


deoproce geo gold two way cake2


deoproce geo gold two way cake3


deoproce geo gold two way cake4

By the looks of it, I believe you already got a hint that it is pricey. Well, yeah… It is priced at Php1,670. Although, I got it at a lesser price because Deoproce has a 40% discount on their selected items which includes this product. So, I only paid Php1,002.

Upon opening the compact, you will see the mirror and powder puff included.

deoproce geo gold two way cake5

Its powder puff has a lace attached to it in which you could fit in your fingers while putting on this powder.

deoproce geo gold two way cake6

Unlike the usual thin plastic cover to protect the powder from accidental scratches or bumps, this has a hard flip-up plastic attached to the compact to secure the powder.

deoproce geo gold two way cake7

deoproce geo gold two way cake8

Honestly, I did not have an easy start with the Deoproce GEO Gold Two Way Cake in #23 Sand Beige. I tried using this to set my liquid foundation from different drugstore brands. NOT GOOD. After a few minutes, the powder already caked and I am not even out of the house. I also tried this with a BB cream. It did look good but when I already got to the office, again, it caked. NOT GOOD. I got really disappointed because I really wanted this to work on me considering it is too pricey to be just kept in my makeup drawer.

I don’t want my money to be put to waste so I didn’t give up. When I finally decided to just use it after putting on my makeup primer, that was when I discovered that it actually looks good when used alone because it is already enough to give full coverage for your skin. No need for liquid foundations, BB creams, correctors, concealers… Finally, it became perfect! 😀 To make the finish even more flawless, use the powder puff included in the compact. It could even give an almost poreless look just like those that you see on the print ad models. I don’t think you will ever need to edit your photos with this powder. It is really that good! 😀

I know that this product is pricey and you might have second thoughts on getting this one. However, considering its nice effect and flawless finish on the skin and also the convenience that it gives in which you don’t have to go through all the long process of putting on so much product on your face, this is definitely worth it! 😀

By the way, there are just two shades available for this powder: #21 Natural Beige and #23 Sand Beige.


  • The packaging is really attractive.
  • The powder is protected from accidental scratches and bumps through the hard flip-up plastic attached to the compact.
  • It gives full coverage and flawless finish.
  • The skin looks almost poreless.


  • limited shades available


None. 😀

Kindly refer to this link for the different store outlets of Deoproce nationwide.

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