My Favorite Beauty and Style Icons

For today, I will be featuring my favorite beauty and style icons. This post is not to rank them as to who gets my top preference because, for me, they are equally beautiful and they are also amazingly gorgeous in their own way. I love how they can project themselves in front of so many people with such class and elegance. 😉

Here they are…

Blake Lively

Back then when I was in college, my girl classmates would talk about Gossip Girl before our classes start. I got curious what that TV series was all about because they were all so hooked into watching it. When I started watching the series myself, I got hooked as well. Haha! And… Serena van der Woodsen (portrayed by Blake Lively) became my favorite character in that show. Since then, I already liked the way she dresses. I also watch out for her whenever there are red carpet appearances because it is in those events that she really makes an effort to show her own sense of style.


image source

Emma Watson

We have all known her because of the Harry Potter movies. But now, Hermione Granger has turned into one of the beautiful faces in Hollywood. Boys go crazy just by looking at her. Well, who wouldn’t? Any fashion style just fits her. I’m so envious right now. Haha! 😛


image source

Taylor Swift

The first time that I saw Taylor Swift was when I watched her Love Story music video. Since then, I have become a fan of her songs. She has given us a reason to love country music. Well, aside from her songs, I admire her for being adventurous to try out different hairstyles and being able to look pretty in all of them. The way she dresses is also something to notice on her. She gives a look that has a youthful vibe with a mix of sophistication.


image source

Leighton Meester

Oh my! Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl?! She is any “It” girl’s idol. I mean, seriously. She is known for her signature headbands that could liven up any outfit she wears. One friend of mine even called me Blair Waldorf because I am also into headbands that has a distinct design on one side. Well, aside from the headbands, her choice of outfits are also impressive. You can always spot her wearing fashionable clothes and being comfortable in them.

leighton meester

image source

Emma Stone

It is just recently that I get to notice her. Well, maybe because of the Amazing Spider-Man movies and she is the newest brand ambassador of Revlon. Anyway, she is so chic and stylish. She has a lot of fabulous hits when it comes to red carpet appearances. Aside from that, I do not know any other woman who could replace Spider-Man’s girlfriend. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are beyond perfect for each other! 😀


image source

Kristen Stewart

For me, her beauty is one-of-a-kind. I like that she could go for a simple, girly look and she could also pull off an edgy, rocker chic style. In any of those, she could still look pretty. In addition to that, only Kristen Stewart could fashionably go on heels and comfortably go cool on sneakers with wearing just the same ensemble. 😉


image source

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s outfits have become the “IN” thing when she became part of the royal family. Cameras are always on the lookout on what kind of style she would wear. She could manage to look so elegant in anything.


image source

Miranda Kerr

Lovely face, sweet smile, soft look… It’s so Miranda Kerr. Her facial features are really fit to become an angel. What’s more? Well, she’s got the body which is perfect for her to become part of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.


image source

Angelina Jolie

She is sooooo GORGEOUS! May it be in movies or in red carpet appearances, she never fails to leave people in awe of her beauty. She has that look of a woman’s strong character and she can pull it off in an elegantly, sexy way. Maybe having a golden heart also helps because she has supported numerous charities around the world. That makes her wonderfully beautiful inside and out. 😀


image source

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