Review: FS Cosmetics Two Way Cake

Looking for a powder that could…

  • set your makeup perfectly?
  • give a nice and flawless finish?
  • could look nice in pictures?
  • less than Php500?

Too good to be true? Not really… 😉 Presenting the FS Cosmetics Two Way Cake in Organza. 😀

Product Description (taken from the FS Cosmetics website):

High quality cake foundation that can be applied wet or dry.
It contains Vitamin E that nourishes and softens skin.
It also has UV-protection and oil-control.


fs cosmetics two way cake


fs cosmetics two way cake2

This is more than just a powder because it even has SPF35+ and PA+++. It is a makeup and skincare in one. Rest assured, your skin can be protected from the sun. Also, based on the product description, this has Vitamin E and oil control. For the oil control part, my face still gets oily after a few hours but it is not really a problem since I blot my face to get rid of the oil.

When you open the compact, it has the typical powder pan and mirror. I am not sure if the others like the scent of this powder. As for me, I find it too strong. It is like an odd, vanilla-like scent that is really strong. Nevertheless, the scent is gone once applied.

fs cosmetics two way cake3

I asked the sales assistant in SM Makati which shade is suited for me. I particularly told her that I want a powder that won’t look too white in pictures especially if the camera used has a flash but is still close to my skin color. She suggested that I get the Organza shade.

I used this product to set my makeup during my second daughter’s first birthday. Of course, there were lots of photo ops. I am happy that my makeup turned out nice in the pictures, may it be with flash or without. Perfect! 😉

fs cosmetics two way cake4

When you flip up the part of the compact containing the powder, you will see the sponge compartment.

fs cosmetics two way cake5

This product is called a two way cake because it can be used in two ways:

  • using a wet sponge >>> for a transparent look
  • using a dry sponge >>> for a  matte finish

In my case, I prefer using a dry sponge over the wet one. Once, I tried using a wet sponge to go for the transparent look but I cannot seem to make it look good. Maybe more practice? Not sure… For now, I prefer the matte finish.

The finish of this powder to set the makeup is superb yet it is super affordable. This is priced at only Php399. In case you are already done with the pan, you can just buy a refill of your preferred shade for only Php299. You might also want to replace your old sponge that comes with your previous compact for Php35.


  • affordable
  • has skincare benefits (Vitamin E, SPF35+ and PA+++)
  • You can just buy another refill and sponge to replace the ones in the compact.
  • sets makeup perfectly with a nice and flawless finish
  • makeup looks nice in pictures


  • This can be used in two ways: using a wet sponge to achieve a transparent look and using a dry sponge to get a matte finish. Though, I prefer the latter option.


  • The scent is too strong.

Here are the shades available for the FS Cosmetics Two Way Cake:

fs cosmetics two way cake shades

 (screenshot taken from the FS Cosmetics website)

Refer to this post for the store outlets of FS Cosmetics here in the Philippines. 😀

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