Review: Dermal Collagen Essence Masks

I shared with you before that Ms. Barbi Chan, a famous makeup artist and one of the beauty ministers of BDJ Box, gave me some facial masks to try when we met at the BDJ Box Beauty Social: Tres Chic. 😀

sample dermal collagen essence masks

sample dermal collagen essence masks2

These are the Dermal Collagen Essence Masks. This brand has been awarded as THE BEST FACIAL MASK IN KOREA. With that, I am super duper thankful to Ms. Barbi since I am one of those who were able to try these amazing masks before being officially released here in the Philippines. *Super thank you Ms. Barbi* 😀

Here are the masks given to me. The flavor names are really interesting particularly Bee Venom and Syn-ake. 😀 Each flavor has their own specific function which can benefit the skin.

dermal collagen essence masks


dermal collagen essence mask - snail

dermal collagen essence mask - snail2

Bee Venom

dermal collagen essence mask - bee venom

dermal collagen essence mask - bee venom2


dermal collagen essence mask - syn-ake

dermal collagen essence mask - syn-ake2

Royal Jelly

dermal collagen essence mask - royal jelly

dermal collagen essence mask - royal jelly2


dermal collagen essence mask - milk

dermal collagen essence mask - milk2

Dermal Collagen Essence Masks could be used before putting on your makeup in the morning or as part of your skincare routine at night. You can even have it warm or cold depending on your preference. As for me, I like to use it cold at night because it can give a refreshed feel on the skin afterwards. Also, skin becomes plumper and firmer the next day.

dermal collagen essence masks4

Aside from giving a refreshed feel on the skin, it helped lessen my skin imperfections significantly. For example, if I have breakouts and I used the mask at night, my skin becomes smoother the next day. Also, pimple marks are lessened faster than usual.

Each mask is priced at Php70.

Because I loved the wonderful effect that these masks gave to my skin, I bought three more masks in Seaweed, Cherry Blossoms and Rose. 😉

dermal collagen essence masks2

Here are all of the flavors of Dermal Collagen Essence Masks.

dermal collagen essence mask flavors

Of course, I would love to try all of the other flavors! From now on, I would include facial masks in my skincare routine. Therefore more Dermal Collagen Essence Masks to come!!! 😉


  • gives a refreshed feel on the skin (when used cold at night)
  • can make the skin plumper and firmer
  • helps lessen skin imperfections


None. 😀

Dermal Collagen Essence Masks are exclusively available at selected Beauty Bar outlets. You can also buy them through the Beauty Bar online store. 😀

dermal collagen essence masks3

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