Review: Avon Face Pearls

Looking for a natural-looking blush and highlighter in one product? The Avon Face Pearls can get you covered. I actually got to try this because it is included my January-February BDJ Box: Change It Up!

avon face pearls

How to Use:

This product can be used in two ways (as indicated in the box of the product):

avon face pearls2

I prefer to use this on my cheeks instead of using it for the whole face. I think it is more appropriate to use this as a blusher particularly for a day makeup. Using it for the whole face might be more suited for a night makeup especially if you are going to attend special events or parties.

avon face pearls3


avon face pearls4


avon face pearls5

For a blush, it has an incredibly bulky packaging which makes it not travel-friendly and not “makeup kit”-friendly.

When you open up the container, a foam is included which secures the pearls inside. This is to prevent them from damage or cracks due to possible mishandling.

avon face pearls6

avon face pearls7

When you sweep over your powder brush in these pearls, the effect of combined light and dark hues give out a natural blushing look. Even if you keep on sweeping your brush for several times, it won’t get an overpowering color. With that, I think this makes it foolproof for those who are not yet used to applying blushers.

avon face pearls8

Just a reminder… Don’t dig in your brush too much on the pearls. They will get stuck on your brush making it a hassle to remove each pearl that got inside.

This product is priced at Php599.

Here is my picture wherein I am using the Avon Face Pearls as my blusher. See just how it gives a natural-looking blush effect on my cheeks. It has that “It-seems-like-it-is-not-there-but-it-is-there” kind of blushing look. Haha! 😛

use of avon face pearls


  • gives a natural-looking blush effect
  • foolproof product for those who are not used to applying blushers


  • can be used in two ways (though I still prefer using it just as a blusher)


  • bulky packaging
  • hassle in removing the pearls in the brush if they get stuck inside

Thank you so much BDJ Box for including this in the January-February BDJ Box: Change It Up! 😀

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Refer to this link for the list of Avon Beauty Centers near you to give the Avon Face Pearls a try. 😀

4 thoughts on “Review: Avon Face Pearls

  1. Oh wow! I haven’t even tried my Avon Face Pearls yet from the BDJ Box! I just don’t reach out for it since the packaging is bulky! I tend to use blushes that I can carry around in my makeup kit for touch ups! But this actually looks really good on you! I will have to try it out soon! Great review!

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