Review: Za-Cosmetics Perfect Fit Concealer

A few years before I started my interest in makeup, I don’t like concealers. It is because I had a bad experience with it before. I bought a concealer for my graduation and continued using it for the first few days when I already got a job. Apparently, that certain concealer that I bought did not give out a good effect on me. It caked and made my under eyes look worse. This is why I was hesitant to buy concealers. Yes, hesitant even to try other brands.

But since I am now blogging about makeup, it would be inevitable for me not to try concealers. This is why I got the Za-Cosmetics Perfect Fit Concealer in 01. It was just an “Ok, fine!” decision for me to get this one when I was at the mall so just I could have a concealer feature here in my blog. But you know what, good thing I bought this one… Haha! 😉

Product Description (taken from the Za-Cosmetics website):

Control your skin tone in just the way you want! Rapidly covers discolored areas, uneven skin tone and other skin concerns.



za-cosmetics perfect fit concealer


za-cosmetics perfect fit concealer2


za-cosmetics perfect fit concealer3

Here are more details regarding this concealer.

za-cosmetics perfect fit concealer4

Here is a swatch of the Za-Cosmetics Perfect Fit Concealer in 01.

za-cosmetics perfect fit concealer swatch

The consistency is very lightweight and it is also very easy to blend. It also ends up a natural powder smooth finish once it has been set on the skin. Also, it does not crease or cake.

In the comparison picture below, you can see that the right part (the one with concealer) has a much lighter shade now as compared to the left part which is my actual skin shade.

za-cosmetics perfect fit concealer comparison2

Here is a visual comparison of my bare under eye area and my under eye area with Za-Cosmetics Perfect Fit Concealer in 01. You can see in there that the under eye area with concealer has become significantly lighter.

za-cosmetics perfect fit concealer comparison

The Za-Cosmetics Perfect Fit Concealer in 01 made me change my mind regarding concealers. This really does wonders for my under eye circles. Though, it does not work that much in covering my dark spots and acne marks.

This product is originally priced at Php345. However, I got a 10% discount during the Watsons sale so I only paid Php310.50. Though, I believe that in its original price and for such a good product, it is affordable already.


  • works well in covering under eye circles
  • does not crease or cake
  • easy to blend
  • lightweight consistency
  • has a natural powder smooth finish
  • affordable


  • could not totally cover up dark spots and acne marks

There are three available shades of this concealer.


(picture taken from the Za-Cosmetics website)

Refer to this post for the store outlets of Za-Cosmetics here in the Philippines. 😀

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