My Headband Collection

I have been planning to blog about this since last year but I tend to overlook this topic since I get so excited to blog more on different makeup and skincare products. Finally, I was able to focus this time on my headband collection. Yey!

When I was a little girl, I hate headbands. Seriously! It hurts the back part of my ears where the headband stays to keep my hair out of my face. Well, I guess headbands nowadays have been designed to keep our hair in place without making the back part of our ears suffer. This is why, when I have grown a bit, I already enjoyed using headbands! 😉

I have headbands that I used way back then in college and during my first two working years but unfortunately, they don’t anymore look nice due to design and band tamper. Yeah, I know. That’s how careless I was back then with my stuff. But now, I promise to take care of my new headbands. 😀

Now, here is my recent little headband collection… 🙂

my headband collection

I really like headbands that have a nice distinct design at one side. It looks simple yet sophisticated and chic. I actually named them after my favorite Disney princesses… The designs do not really indicate a similarity for the named princess. It is just a personal preference. 😉

Snow White

headband - snow white

headband - snow white2


headband - cinderella

headband - cinderella2


headband - belle

headband - belle2


headband - aurora

headband - aurora2


headband - rapunzel

headband - rapunzel2

The first three headbands (Snow White, Cinderella and Belle) are gifts that I got from a friend. For the last two headbands (Aurora and Rapunzel), I bought them from Landmark. Though, all of them are really from Landmark. When I found out that my friend bought my first three headbands from that store, I went there to add some more for my collection. Haha! 😉

The price of each actually depends on the design of the headband but all of them are less than Php200.

So, there you go! If I get to spot new headband designs, I would share them to you in my next headband collection blog post. Hmmm… Now, I want to complete my Disney princesses headband collection. Haha! Wishing for more princess headbands… 😉


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