My Christmas Gold Nails done at Beauty & Butter

I have already read about Beauty & Butter from several beauty blogs but I have not tried having my nails done there yet. Luckily, they opened a new branch at SM Jazz – Makati which is near my workplace. So, yup, I went there to have a manicure! πŸ˜€

I super like the nail salon’s cute interiors. Its colorful walls and seats make the whole space so hippy-looking. Also, you can get to watch a movie for free during your stay. πŸ˜‰

beauty & butter at sm jazz2

beauty & butter at sm jazz

Beauty & Butter has a wide range of polish selections. I seriously had a hard time choosing! Haha! πŸ˜›

beauty & butter nail polish color chart

They even have a thick portfolio of nail art. I would definitely try them on my next visits… πŸ˜€

beauty & butter nail art portfolio

For now, I just went for a simple yet very festive-looking manicure that is still perfect for the holiday season. I chose the Ruby Wing Sunflower polish. πŸ˜€

ruby wing sunflower

ruby wing sunflower2

ruby wing sunflower3

By the way, Ruby Wing nail polishes change color when it has been hit by sunlight and goes back again to its original color when you go indoors. For the Ruby Wing Sunflower shade, the indoor and outdoor shades are supposed to look like these…

ruby wing sunflower indoor outdoor comparison(screenshot taken from the Ruby Wing website)

From the looks of it, I really did not expect much since when it has been applied on my nails, it already looked shimmery gold. When I went outside, the change did not look so dramatic. It just went more sparkly when it has been hit by sunlight. If I’ll try Ruby Wing again, I might go for a shade that makes a more dramatic change of color. And, yup, it’s scented. It has a sweet flowery scent. The scent stayed strong for the whole day. However, the next day, it has already faded.

ruby wing sunflower indoor outdoor comparison3

(left picture: INDOOR, right picture: OUTDOOR)

ruby wing sunflower indoor outdoor comparison2

Here are the services done at Beauty & Butter. πŸ˜€

beauty & butter services

beauty & butter services2

beauty & butter services3

I just had a manicure for my first visit so I was supposed to pay Php180 with an additional Php60 for the Ruby Wing polish. However, they have a 20% discount on their nailspa services for the whole month of December. With that, I only paid Php204 (polish upgrade not included in the discount).

If you want to have your nails done at Beauty & Butter, you may reach them at these branches:


(picture taken from the Beauty & Butter Facebook page)

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