Review: Etude House CC Cream

If there is a product that could give not just one but eight different benefits on your skin, would you try it? I will! Who wouldn’t? You get to save so much with products that have the “all-in-one” function. That is how the Etude House CC Cream in #02 Glow works.

First, what does “CC” mean? “CC” stands for “Correct & Care”. The Etude House CC Cream is both a makeup and skincare product.


etude house cc cream


etude house cc cream2

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

8 in 1
SPF 30/PA++

Stress Relief
Sun Protection
Smooth Texture

This multitasking, 8-in-1 formula hydrates, primes, conceals, treats, and protects skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion, inside and outside. It glides on with a glowing finish.

etude house cc cream4

etude house cc cream5

Product Description (taken from the Etude House website):

8-in-1 Multi Function daily application cream formulated with Rock Rose extract supplies polyphenols for powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory care and with Natural Tone Correcting Effect for a natural corrective care coverage and skin protection. TIP: Pearly look to give brightness

I like that this product comes in a tube type of packaging with a pump. This helps in controlling how much product you will just need to use. Also, it helps in keeping the remaining product inside the tube clean since you just have to dispense a small amount of the product out of the tube.

etude house cc cream3

Here is a swatch of the Etude House CC Cream in #02 Glow.

etude house cc cream swatch

  • first picture: the Etude House CC Cream in #02 Glow after dispensing it out of the tube
  • second picture: product has been spread out on the skin
  • third picture: product already blended on the skin

White?!?! Yup, it’s white. Don’t worry… You just need a small amount (just like in the first picture) for your whole face. This amount is about just a half pump. You don’t have to put too much as that would make your face too white and too greasy-looking. Though, I still prefer that this cream comes in different shades just like concealers or foundations. There was one time when I went for a full pump and I realized that I got so much product. I was not able to use it all up and I just have to discard the remaining cream.

I use this both as a sunscreen protection and a primer. I put this after my moisturizer and before putting on my foundation. This is how it looks like when applied.

(before and after)

use of etude house cc cream

  • first picture: my skin after applying my moisturizer
  • second picture: my skin after applying the Etude House CC Cream in #02 Glow

I really like this product as a primer. It smoothens out my skin and my foundation adheres to it really well. My makeup stays flawless throughout the day. I am not really fond of retouching. This is why I go for products that stay good on me for the whole day without having to retouch.

However, I think that this does not really work well on correcting your skin imperfections. It gives a very sheer coverage that makes it work best as a primer but not as a corrector. It does help slightly lessen the redness on my skin but it still visible. I still have to rely on my other makeup products to hide my skin imperfections.

This product is originally priced at Php798. However, I got this at a lower price of only Php638.40 when Etude House had their Treats for My Sweets 20% Off on all of their products.


  • packaging (makes it easy to control how much product you just need)
  • has SPF30 and PA++
  • works as both a makeup and skincare product
  • works best as a primer
  • no need for retouch since makeup stays flawless the whole day


  • gives a very sheer coverage


  • The product’s shade is white. I wish it comes in different shades just like a concealer or a foundation.
  • It does not really work well on correcting skin imperfections.

Aside from #02 Glow, the Etude House CC Cream comes in another variant which is the #01 Silky.


(picture taken from

Refer to this link for the store outlets of Etude House so you could give this product a try. 😀

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