Makeup and Nailcare Purchases: Tony Moly, Majolica Majorca and Za-Cosmetics Products plus Freebies

It has been a while since my last purchase post so I decided to share with you my purchases from last month. Plus, I’ve got new freebies!!! 😀 Here they are!

tony moly, majolica majorca and za-cosmetics products

For Tony Moly, I got the Pure & Clear Nail Enamel Remover and the Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint.

tony moly products

tony moly products2

For Majolica Majorca, I got the Wow Brows Kit.

majolica majorca wow brows kit purchase

The Wow Brows Kit consists of different Majolica Majorca products intended for eyebrow grooming. These are the Brow Customize (Sword Cut), Brow Customize Holder, Brow & Lash Colorist and tweezers.

majolica majorca wow brows kit purchase2

I was able to try the Brow Customize and the Brow & Lash Colorist during the Majolica Majorca Wow Brows Event at SM Makati. I actually like the groomed effect that these products gave to my eyebrows. With that, I decided to have my own Wow Brows Kit. 😀

For Za-Cosmetics, I got two True White Plus Two-Way Foundation refills. I just planned to get one but since Za-Cosmetics has a promo, I bought two refills. This is because for every purchase of the two refills, you get the Za x Naho Ogawa Limited Edition Foundation Case for free! 😀 This foundation case actually fits the Za-Cosmetics Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation refill or the Za-Cosmetics True White Plus Two-Way Foundation refill.

za-cosmetics true white foundation and case purchase

Also, I got a free Majolica Majorca pouch. This would be an additional vanity kit that I could use to store my makeup and skincare products. 😀

majolica majorca pouch

majolica majorca pouch2

There you go!!! I will be reviewing my purchased products soon so keep visiting my blog for updates! 😀

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