Review: Za-Cosmetics Total Hydration Fresh Lucent Toner

Caring for your skin is very important. You might not follow a very demanding routine but at least you need to get to incorporate the three basic steps of skincare:

  2. TONE

Why is it important to use a skin toner? It serves as your last line of defense against dirt and other impurities and your light step to moisturizing your skin making it ready for the skin treatments you would need to use. The makeup remover and facial cleanser you use may be good in removing all the dirt in your skin but there are instances that they still leave slight traces of makeup and your toner would do the job in removing them. Also, a toner hydrates your skin since double cleansing (the use of makeup remover and cleanser) might strip away the moisture in your skin.

I have already shared with you in my previous posts what products I am currently using for the “CLEANSE” and “MOISTURIZE” steps. I am using the Etude House Happy Essential Foam Vitamin C as my cleanser and the Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream as my moisturizer. What’s missing? The “TONE” step, of course. For that step, I would like to introduce to you my Za-Cosmetics Total Hydration Fresh Lucent Toner.

Product Description (printed on the packaging of the product):

This skin lotion hydrates skin to impart a look of clarified radiance.
Light and refreshing texture
For skin that tends to feel sticky

Product Description (taken from the Za-Cosmetics website):

Instantly hydrates skin to impart a look of healthy radiance and a vibrant glow.


za total hydration fresh lucent toner

This toner has Hyaluronic Acid. What is that?

Hyaluronic Acid allows the skin to lock in moisture. It boosts elasticity and hydration of the skin. Also, it protects the skin from UVB rays that comes from the sun (source:


za total hydration fresh lucent toner2

I really love this toner. It is very gentle on the skin and it does not have a sting effect. It removes any remaning makeup left by my makeup remover and facial cleanser making my skin clean and fresh. I bought this for Php345.


  • very gentle on the skin (no sting effect)
  • has hyaluronic acid that gives a lot of benefits for the skin
  • removes any remaining makeup after double cleansing


None. 😀

If you would like to give this product a try, here are the store outlets of Za-Cosmetics where you can buy this toner:


(picture taken from the ZA-Cosmetics Philippines Facebook page)

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