Review: Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream

For today, I will be having a skincare product review on the Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream. I found out about this product when I was browsing Project Vanity and I chanced upon her review regarding this cream. I, then, searched for other beauty blogs that had a review on this product and they say that this is a good moisturizer.


nivea baby smoothy cream

The packaging is a big tub, by the way. I wish Nivea could have it in a tube-type of packaging or any other packaging that could be more hygienic. This kind of packaging could be unhygienic since you will dip your fingers to get some product. Just make sure your hands are clean, okay? 😀


nivea baby smoothy cream2


nivea baby smoothy cream4

The Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream is a product for babies but I guess anything that’s good for babies are also good for adults. It has calendula which is used for skin treatment particularly for skin irritations, wounds and burns (as stated in

Product Description (printed at the bottom part of the tub):

nivea baby smoothy cream6

Product Description (taken from the Nivea website):

Deeply moisturizes and helps soothe irritations on face & body.

 Calendula and 24h moisturizing formula soothes skin irritations to keep skin healthy and soft.
 Non-greasy and easily absorbed.
 Hypoallergenic and especially skin-friendly ingredients reduce risk of allergies.
 Skin compatibility clinically and dermatologically approved.
 0% parabens, alcohol and colorants.

When you remove the cover of the tub, there is a foil that secures the cream inside. This assures the customer that the product has not been opened up by someone else.

nivea baby smoothy cream3

When you remove the foil, you can see that the tub is filled with the product. I honestly smiled when I saw that the cream is fully packed inside the tub. Of course, all of us would want to buy something that would make us feel that we get our money’s worth, right? 😀

nivea baby smoothy cream7

As for the effect of the product, I love how light it is on the skin. I use this twice a day: before putting on my makeup and before going to sleep. However, If you are going to use this as your day moisturizer, don’t put too much as it will make your face too greasy. I am not sure what will be the effect for those with dry skin. As for me, if I put too much during the day, my face becomes too greasy-looking. I have combination skin, by the way. 🙂

I also use this as a hand cream. It effectively makes my hands soft and smooth. This is really a good product! 😀

This is originally priced at Php169.75. However, this was on sale so I just got it for Php135.75. I bought this at the baby section in SM Makati. I was lucky I got hold of the last stock that they had when I looked for this for the first time. It is really hard to look for this product because it is always out of stock. After buying this product, whenever I chance upon passing by the baby section of that mall, I ask if this is available. Until now, no luck! 😦


  • very affordable
  • hypoallergenic
  • has calendula that helps soothe skin irritations
  • can be used as both day and night moisturizer
  • can be used as a hand cream
  • makes my skin soft and smooth


  • Don’t put too much during the day as it could make the face too greasy.
  • Make sure your hands are clean when you take some of the product.


  • hard to find 😦
  • packaging (It can be unhygienic since you will dip your fingers in the tub to get some product.)

If you are looking for a good yet affordable moisturizer, try the Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream. In case you get to like this product, stock up on it since it is really hard to look for this. Check this out on baby sections of any leading department stores. 😀

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