Review: PAC Liquid Eyeliner Black

Two months ago, I published a post trying to line my eyes by just using an eyeshadow. However, the color payoff is not really intense. Also, after a few hours, the eyeshadow went all over my eyelids. It smudged and it seemed like I had an unintentional smokey eye look (in a messy way).

This is why I decided to buy an eyeliner that could really give a good color payoff and would retain to where it should just be. I saw different beauty blogs featuring the newly released liquid eyeliner colors of PAC. I am amazed with the colors! Since I am just looking for a black one, I decided to go for the PAC Liquid Eyeliner Black for now.

By the way, PAC stands for Professional Artist Cosmetics. Dr. Martha Tilaar is the founder of this brand. PAC products are said to be highly suitable for Asian skin.

Product Description (printed on the box of the product):

Innovative eyeliner with intense colour pay-off and a high level of coverage, creates a flexible super long-wearing film with a shiny finish.

pac liquid eyeliner black2

Here is the PAC Liquid Eyeliner Black. Don’t get confused with the packaging. The longer part is the applicator. The shorter part (which has the brand name) is where the liquid is placed.

pac liquid eyeliner black3

pac liquid eyeliner black4

This is printed at the bottom part of the product.

pac liquid eyeliner black

I like the applicator of this liquid eyeliner. You can have the option to make very thin to very heavy lines in your eyes. After a few attempts, I was able to do my winged eyes easily with this product.

pac liquid eyeliner black applicator

Here is a swatch of the PAC Liquid Eyeliner Black.

pac liquid eyeliner black swatch

When applying an eyeliner, there are times when you need to have another pass so as to fill in any gaps you had for the first pass. However, when using this liquid eyeliner, make sure that you don’t overdo it. I tried to reapply for several times and the product clumped. You will need to remove it and reapply. Such a hassle! 😦 Well, some practice would help along the way.

This liquid eyeliner is long-wearing and waterproof but not rubproof. Please refer to the picture below. I just rubbed the swatch and it turned into tiny particles that you could easily discard.

pac liquid eyeliner black swatch2

For me, the product being easily removed is a good thing. You won’t get “panda-eyes” since they just turn into tiny particles. However, be careful when you are trying to rub something off from your eye when you are wearing this eyeliner. There was one time that I used this product. I applied it that morning and I had it on me the whole day. As I was going home that night, there was a slight itch in the corner of my eye. I tried to get rid of it. After that, a part of the eyeliner has been removed. This eyeliner will be much more easy to remove when it has already mixed in with the natural oils in your eyelids.

Note: I am saying that this liquid eyeliner could be easily removed but please make use of your trusty makeup remover to thoroughly remove the product from your eyes. Please don’t do excessive rubbing because the skin in our eyes is very sensitive.

I bought this liquid eyeliner for Php749.


  • waterproof
  • long-wearing
  • applicator can be used for very thin to very heavy lines
  • good color payoff
  • could be easily removed by a good makeup remover
  • will not give you “panda-eyes”


  • Practice makes perfect. 🙂


  • not rubproof
  • product clumps when you overdo reapplication

Here are the store outlets of PAC where you could buy this product.


(picture taken from the Professional Artist Cosmetics – PAC Philippines Facebook page)

Here are the colors of the newly released PAC Liquid Eyeliner Color line. The different colors are Terra Brown, Baby Blue, Flashy Purple, Bazaar Gold, Plastic Pink, Miracle Green and Silver Diva.

pac liquid eyeliner colors

(screenshot taken from the PAC website)

I just refer to the pictures when browsing over the PAC website since majority of the words used is in Indonesian language.

I like the PAC Liquid Eyeliner Color in Baby Blue, Flashy Purple and Plastic Pink. The colors are interesting and I would love to have them in my makeup collection. Could someone give them to me as a gift, please? Haha! 😛

I will be having another eye makeup post using my PAC Liquid Eyeliner Black so, stay tuned! 😀

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