Majolica Majorca Symbols

Apart from the cute packaging of Majolica Majorca products, there are interesting symbols in them that we would have thought are just for aesthetic purposes. As I was browsing the albums of the Majolica Majorca Philippines Facebook page, I saw an album regarding ♚ Majolica Majorca Symbols ♚. In that album, every symbol indicated in the products have their own meaning. There are a total of seven symbols: applicatio, capsa, color, finitus, fundamenta, remedium and selectio. I will show you in which of the Majolica Majorca products I own do these symbols appear.



Good TOOLS help a girl in need.
All types of tools carry this symbol.


Products: Mirror and Customize Case



A BOX that protects your selected colors. 
Cases carry this symbol.


Products: Skin Remaker Case and Customize Case



Enjoy how you change in front of a MIRROR.
Colored items carry this symbol.


Products: Cream de Cheek, The Little Humming Book I, Customize Case, Lash King, Honey Pump Gloss Neo (PK247), Honey Pump Gloss Neo (RS456)



The CANDLE goes out when time runs out.
Limited Edition items carry this symbol.


Products: The Little Humming Book I, Honey Pump Gloss Neo (RS456), Mirror



An effective BALANCE keeps makeup looking good.
Skin enhancing items carry this symbol.


Products: Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, Skin Remaker Pore Cover, Skin Remaker Case



A REMEDY for the skin.
High performance skin care items carry this symbol.


Products: Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, Lash Jelly Drop, Honey Pump Gloss Neo (PK247), Honey Pump Gloss Neo (RS456)



The KEY is what opens a world of your own!
Selectable items carry this symbol.


Product: Customize Case


Here are my Majolica Majorca products along with their respective symbols. I have placed a yellow shape in each product to indicate where the symbols are located.

Skin Lingerie Pore Cover – remedium and fundamenta

majolica majorca skin lingerie pore cover symbols

Skin Remaker Pore Cover fundamenta

majolica majorca skin remaker pore cover symbol

Skin Remaker Case capsa and fundamenta

The symbol “capsa” is for the Skin Remaker Case while “fundamenta” is for the Skin Remaker Pore Cover which is inside the case.

majolica majorca skin remaker case symbols

Lash Jelly Drop remedium

majolica majorca lash jelly drop symbol

Lash King color

majolica majorca lash king symbol

Cream de Cheek color (It is not really indicated in the product itself but if you visit the Majolica Majorca website, you will see the different colors of Cream de Cheek. This is where the symbol “color” comes in.)

majolica majorca cream de cheek

Honey Pump Gloss Neo (PK247)color and remedium

majolica majorca honey pump gloss neo pk247 symbols

Honey Pump Gloss Neo (RS456)color, remedium and finitus

majolica majorca honey pump gloss neo rs456 symbols

The Little Humming Book I color and finitus

majolica majorca the little humming book i2

Customize Caseapplicatio, capsa, selectio, color

The symbol “applicatio” is for the Custom Assist (Cheek Brush). The symbol “capsa” is for the Customize Case. The symbol “selectio” is I think because you can customize what is inside the case (could be eyeshadow or blush). Lastly, “color” is for the different colors of the eyeshadow or blush that could be placed inside the case. For my Customize Case, I have a blush in shade OR313.


majolica majorca customize case symbols

Mirror applicatio and finitus

When the mirror was given to me, it was placed inside this paper envelope. This is where the “applicatio” symbol is indicated. However, in the mirror itself, only the “finitus” symbol is there.

I love how Majolica Majorca gives so much details in their products. Even their simple paper envelope for their mirror has been extensively designed. 😀

majolica majorca paper envelope for the mirror

majolica majorca mirror3

mirror - finitus symbol

Have you also seen these symbols in your Majolica Majorca products? 😀


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