Being Hopeful on my First BDJ Box

I was just reading makeup reviews in a certain blog (I forgot what blog was that, sorry…) and then I saw a post regarding unboxing her BDJ Box. I was so clueless what a BDJ Box was. I googled it and then the first link that came out was the BDJ Box website. I browsed and I found out that a BDJ Box is a box filled with 5-6 beauty products that have been chosen depending on your profile. I was like “Oooohh! Interesting!” I immediately made an account but I have not subscribed for the box yet.

Since the first time I visited the BDJ Box website, I kept on revisiting it. I would like to give the subscription a try. However, something is holding me back. A lot of questions came up into my mind like:

  1. What if I get disappointed on the products?
  2. What if the products picked for me were not my type?
  3. What if I am already using the products given to me? It defeats the purpose of trying other beauty products, right?

Aside from these questions, the June BDJ box (as reviewed by other bloggers) have some items that have been repeated that were already included in the previously released BDJ boxes. Also, as expected, I have already been using some of the products included in the box. 😦

Last week, I received an email containing the message below.


July Boxes sold out?!?! Less than 50 boxes left for the August Box?!?! That means that a lot of women out there are really into these boxes.

So, I decided to give it a try. I subscribed for the August BDJ Box. I just had the One Time Purchase subscription to see if I will be happy with the contents of the box. Haha! I might subscribe for the other boxes if I get to be happy with this one.

To give you an update, I just paid a while ago. The amount for a one time purchase is Php580, by the way. When I checked my account in the BDJ Box website, I saw this…

Subscription to August BDJ Box

Yey! So, I will be waiting for my August BDJ Box. 🙂 I hope I get some makeup products since I am starting to build my makeup collection. A blush and eyeshadow palette, perhaps? 😉 *fingers crossed*


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