Getting My Own Charm Essentials Makeup Brushes

When I did research on different makeup products, I also started being interested on makeup brushes. They said that to get the kind of look that you want to achieve, you need to have the right tools. How can you put on your makeup without the brushes, right? So, I browsed on different brands of makeup brushes out there and I did intensive research (yes, INTENSIVE! Haha!) by reading reviews about them.

I found out that makeup brushes should not only be effective on makeup application.  It should also be soft on the skin.  Well, I agree that the brushes should be soft. You cannot enjoy putting on makeup if the brushes tend to give that scratchy feeling all over your face. Yikes! Not good!

One brand that caught my eye is the Charm Essentials Makeup Brushes. How did I spot this brand? I searched “makeup brushes” in Google. It is included in the first few links provided by the search engine.

For one, they have PINK makeup brushes!!! I love pink! Haha! 😀 When I saw the brushes online, I literally want to get them out of my laptop screen and hold them. They are really cute and I have read a lot of good reviews about this brand. They have also been featured in several famous magazines. The Charm Pretty in Pink 14-pc Vegan Makeup Brush Set has won the title for the “Best Makeup Brushes” of the Cosmo Beauty Awards 2012 of Cosmopolitan Magazine (picture taken from their Facebook page).

Best Makeup Brushes

Because of those factors, I have decided to buy makeup brushes from Charm. However, I wanted to see and feel the makeup brushes first before buying them. I found out that they are selling it at Crossings – The Ramp in Glorietta. I am living in Makati so I could easily get to Glorietta. Apparently, I saw this photo in their Facebook page.

Charm Makeup Brushes June Sale

They are having a sale for the whole month of June. I immediately went to the Beauty and Minerals website and looked for the makeup brushes I was really eyeing to get. They are just having the sale online (not for the items they are selling at the mall). I was torn between buying the brushes at the mall and buying them online. It took me a day to think about it. Then, for my final decision, I did get the products online. I took advantage of the discount and I just trusted the reviews of the beauty bloggers saying positive reviews about the brushes.

So, I did the transaction in their website, paid and waited…

After two days of paying for the products, the delivery man gave me my package. Smooth transaction with them, I must say. No problems encountered. 🙂 I was sooooo excited to open it. I had it delivered at my workplace, by the way. When my friend, Myra, saw me carrying the package, she asked me what was inside. I asked her to come with me so we could open it. There I was, getting so giggly and I was literally going round in circles while hugging my brushes. Haha! Crazy me! I felt like I was a little girl hugging my favorite toy. Myra even told me that it was the first time she saw me that excited and happy.

And here are my brushes… Sooooo PINK! 😀

Charm Makeup Brushes

Charm Travel Pro 14-pc Makeup Brush SetCharm Luxe Retractable Kabuki, and Charm Pretty in Pink 14-pc Vegan Makeup Brush Set

I am so happy with my purchase!!! 😀 No disappointments at all. I will give a review in my future posts. Stay tuned!

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